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    BUG: Monarch 8.02 Pro CSV Import Does Not Save Setting Of No Name Rows In Model

    Gareth Horton

      Hi all


      This is a known bug in Monarch Pro 8.02 that affects users who are importing CSV files into Monarch that do not have Field / Column Names / Header Row.


      Monarch is not saving the setting that indicates the data has no header row to the model.


      This could lead to a silent loss of data if you are running in an automated mode.  In a manual mode, it will most likely be obvious that the data in the table or summary is incorrect.


      This bug was introduced in Monarch 8.02 and does not affect 8.00 or 8.01, so affected models can be resaved with either version and will then work correctly (until they are saved in 8.02).


      See this  [url="http://mails.datawatch.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=001255"]post[/url] for more details.


      If you have this problem, call Monarch technical support at 978-441-2200, or click on the following  [url="http://www.datawatch.com/forms/dsp_tech_support.asp"]link[/url] to submit a call ticket requesting Monarch v8.02a:



      Our apologies for any users affected by this problem.




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