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    Loosing CRLF in Multi Line Fields

    Ranjit _

      Hi All,

      I am new to DataWatch Monarch V8 software. I am having difficulty in preserving "end of line"(CRLF), when exporting the field into a Monarch Table.The source is a text file and has CRLF at the end of each lines. How do I preserve CRLF when exported to this field.


      I have seen a couple of Topics on this but did'nt help me. Any suggestions or thoughts are appreciated.


      Thank you


        • Loosing CRLF in Multi Line Fields
          Grant Perkins

          Ranjit, welcome.


          This one is always a good discussion when it comes up ...


          If you can use the output from the TEXTLINE function (New to V8) in some way you may be able to achieve what you require. If not I think you may be struggling.


          It's all something of a trade-off when trying to determine how to handle multiple lines of text. In many, perhaps most, cases the target destination for the field will not be in the same format anyway so the CRLF commands would leave it looking a mess and may interfere with the application in other ways. However that does not help you if you need to retain the format as it is.


          Sorry I can't offer anything more useful at this time.