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    Mental Block

    Greg Goodman

      I've got a case in a report where essentially there are multiple detail lines inconsitently...normally I'd pass thru a couple times but there's bound to be another simplier way.


      The report layout looks like ("x" represents a space):



      x  N12003727



      x  N12003883



      All lines w/o the leading space have identical data as do the lines w/ the leading space...simply not every line w/o a space has a line w/ a space...



        • Mental Block
          Greg Goodman

          I hadn't considered the floating trap though I agree with you it should work.


          I ended up reducing my trap, picking up both lines using field selections that would get values from both lines (fortunately no unworkable

          overlaps) and using calculated fields to clean everything up. Floating trap would require the same cleanup.


          Goes to show there are indeed many ways to skin the cat w/ Monarch - that's part of the fun using it !!!