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    html and trapping

    stevedy _

      I have a 900 page scan of the servers at my company. I am wondering if there is a way to trap the similar data(i.e. symptoms, and risk factors).  However, there is no sense of uniformity with the data as this information is scattered all over the document I am working with.  I have tried a few different traps and templates, but nothing is working so far. Is there a simple way to do this that I am missing?

        • html and trapping
          Grant Perkins



          If your html lines have identifiable tags (which I would expect they do) before the data content then you should be able to use the floating trap concept to get at what you need BUT it can require a bit of familiarisation experimentation to become fully conversant with how it will work.


          If the information you want is buried within a large chunk of data which you can extract but is  randomly placed positioned with in the extract you could have more of a challenge to deal with.

          Any chance of posting a sample (or something that simulates the problem if the data is confidential)?


          Or is your problem something other than I have assumed?