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    Filtering duplicate data

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      I have a series of reports that I have to filter every month. The problem I have is that each report has two sections, one is for revenue and the other for revenue adjustments. The format for both those sections is identical except for the report heading. I only need the information from one section but I have to trap the information for both since there is no way to distinguish between the two. I export the table to Excel and then delete the second set of account numbers manually. Is there any way, either with a trap or a formula, that I can eliminate the duplicate account numbers?

        • Filtering duplicate data
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          In order to eliminate the data you don't want, you'll need to have a field you can use to differentiate the data you want from that which you don't.


          You say that the report heading is different for each section. We'll take advantage of that.


          Create a template to trap the page header. When you're creating page header templates, it's best to not use the first page of the report for the template sample.


          Assuming once more that the headings read "Revenue" and "Revenue Adjustments", setup a field within the template wide enough to capture the text "Revenue Adjustments". Be sure to define this a page header template. We'll name the field "Revenue Type".


          Verify the templates to make sure everything's OK.


          Now go to the table window and define a new filter. Set the formula to be <>"Revenue Adjustments".


          You should be left with only the data you want.


          Please let us know if this is a good solution for you, or if you have further questions.