Today I installed the Datawatch Visual Data Discovery Server for Java on a Ubuntu system with Tomcat 8. The server install guide documentation is easy to follow and covers all the steps, however, I noticed that some additional detail can be helpful.


Specifically, it was a bit hard to find the "webapps" folder of Tomcat, which is where you are supposed to place the datawatchvdd.war file, to have it auto-deploy into a new web application.


It turned out that this folder will be in this location:



The lesson learned here is that when installing Tomcat on Linux (at least on Ubuntu), the Tomcat folder you need to care about is /var/lib/tomcatX/, because from there, you will find file system shortcuts to the configuration library (which is actually in a completely different path), and that is all you need.


Before locating /var/lib/tomcat8/, I found the following folders, which are also part of the same Tomcat installation:


/etc/tomcat8 (this is the folder you reach when using the "conf" shortcut in /var/lib/tomcat8/ Having doubts? Open both locations and create a new text file in one of them.... Yes, it shows up in the other too....)


/usr/share/tomcat8-admin/ (this is the installation folder for the host-manager and manager applications that you can optionally install with Tomcat)


/usr/share/tomcat8-examples/ (this contains the examples that you can optionally add: jsp, servlets, websocket )



Under /var/lib/tomcat8/webapps/, there is also a ROOT folder, but apparently this is not the same locations as /usr/share/tomcat8-root/

I am sure all of the above serves it purpose and makes more sense if you set up private instances of Tomcat for different users. However, I won't go there at this point. Also, it seems you are free to place your web application where ever you like, not necessarily under webapps. A requirement would then be to add a docBase attribute with the file path to the application files within the application context xml file placed in conf/Cataline/localhost. As an example, I am including the "examples" context file:


<Context path="/examples"


<!-- Enable symlinks for the jars linked from /usr/share/java ->

<Resources allowLinking="true"/>