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    Data Extraction copying prior record contents when field is not there

    trsutton _

      I am trying to extract a payroll register.  There is a number of items that may or may not be included in each record.  For example, a bonus.  The extraction is copying the bonus amount from the prior record if it is not shown.


      For example:


      Wages                   100.00

      Vacation Accrued      10.00

      Gross Pay               110.00


      Wages                   100.00

      Bonus                     50.00

      Vacation Accrued     10.50

      Gross Pay              160.50


      Wages                   100.00

      Vacation Accrued       8.00

      Gross Pay              108.00


      The bonus amount of $50 will appear in every record as $50 until there is a record where the amount changes.  How do I change this so it will only put a value in when it finds a corresponding value, and leaves all records that do not have this line as (Null).


      This is happening with several items that I am trying to extract.  I would really appreciate any assistance anyone could provide.


      I am using Monarch 11 on a Windows 7 platform, with Excel 10 extraction.