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    Project Exports to Different Excel Tabs

    Amadeus23 _

      I have Project that has about 50 different summaries that we have to produce on a regular basis.  We have to send pieces of this project to various people.  Is there a way to export these into different files (like 1-5 to this file, 6-12 to a seperate file..) and not all on the same tab[/U]?  Meaning 1-5 to one file, but each one on a separate Excel tab within that file.


      Basically, export all 50 to 8 different Excel spreadsheets and each with it's own Excel tab within their respective spreadsheet.




      (Oh, we're on Monarch 10 Pro)

        • Project Exports to Different Excel Tabs
          Data Kruncher

          Hello and welcome to the forum.


          Yes, you can do what you want with Monarch.


          Begin by defining project exports as you've indicated. For the first export, select the summary to export, define a file name for the Excel output and select the overwrite option when the file exists. The Table name you select will be the sheet name within the Excel file.


          For the next summaries 2 through 5, select the same Excel file, and select "Add data to file". Then choose a Table name, and select Overwrite existing table (although this is not really necessary as the first export will have overwritten the file file completely, so as long as you've selected a different Table name than your first export, this table, or sheet, will never exist at this stage).


          Repeat building the overwrite file then add to file sequences for each of your summaries as necessary.


          A little work up front building these processes will likely save you a lot of effort over the long run. Then you can automate the exports with a batch file using the /pxall parameter to run all of the summaries in order.


          Of course, Data Pump would be your logical choice to export the summaries and automatically email the new Excel files to the proper recipients.