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    Command Line Syntax with Winbatch

    chuck.kennedy _

      Hey all,


      I am using winbatch to automate processes and want to have it run a monarch project and automatically export the file then close. 


      Is this possible?  I have already created the project and the project exports.


      If this is not possible, how do I create a batch file to do this?


      Thanks in advance for the help



        • Command Line Syntax with Winbatch
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Chuck. Welcome to the Monarch forum!


          You can absolutely do this with a batch file. All of the parameters are described in the help. Look in the Index for Command lines, using Monarch ones.


          Basically, if you want to run all of the exports you've defined in your project, the syntax is like this:


          Monarch.exe /prj:"Z:\Folder\Project Name.xprj" /pxall[/CODE]


          You can do a lot with the command line parameters. As mentioned, have a look at the help, but if you find yourself getting a headache just looking at it, you might be interested in my [URL="http://********************/tips/monarch-batch-file-generator"]Monarch Batch File Generator[/URL] utility.