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    Formatting Summary Totals

    stc _

      I created a summary sheet with a total line at the bottom of my report.  The width of the total line stretches across all of my columns up to columns that contain the totals.  When I export the file into Excel and try to sort on a column  I get an error message 'This operation requires merged cells to be identically sized.'  In order to resolve the error in Excel I have to remove the 'Merge and Center' formatting on the cell that contains the label forthe 'Total' .  After I do that I can manipulate/sort the report in Excel as needed.


      This has become a problem for other users that I have to e-mail the report to in Excel format and do not have Monarch.  Is there a way to remove this formatting in Monach to resolve this?  I am Monarch V9.  Thanks.

        • Formatting Summary Totals
          Data Kruncher

          Your exported Excel file won't be near as nice looking, but if you go to Monarch's Options menu and select Export and Clipboard... you'll find the checkbox to toggle whether or not you want to "Apply formatting to Excel files".


          Turn it off and your Excel files won't merge cells.




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              RalphB _



              I have run across the same problem when I export out using the Excel 97(Monarch V9) setting in the Export and Clipboard Options tab.  Change it to Excel 97 (Monarch V8) and you should be ok.

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                Gailstevie _

                It would be nice to have this feature be model specific as I have to turn it on and off with each export depending on how the data will be used. 

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                    Olly Bond

                    Hello Gail,


                    I think this feature is project specific, rather than model.


                    So you should be able to make two projects, each using the same model, and have one project define the exports one way, while other does the opposite.


                    Are you automating this or is it manual work?


                    Best wishes,



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                        Gailstevie _

                        Hi Olly,


                        How have you been?  I am not sure if you remember me from the conference way back in Arizona.  You have helped me out a few times over the years as well. Anyway, I appreciate your reply.

                        It is not automated.  I have version 11.2 and I generally use the model only and not the project when I open and save.  I have to change that setting for the formatting nearly every time I use Monarch.  I don’t understand why it can’t be model specific and then it wouldn’t matter if I use a project or not.

                        I don’t like using projects (even though it is the default which drives me nuts) because the reports are saved in a different location each month and are .pdf or a database which don’t work well with a project.

                        If there is a way to make the defaults work better for me, your help would be greatly appreciated.  I don’t use Monarch nearly as much in my new position so it isn’t as familiar anymore and I don’t have time to explore it.  I liked all the previous versions that I have used better in that they were similar enough that I could easily set my defaults, find my way around, click less buttons, etc.  Version 11 is too different and I don’t really like it (although it is better than no Monarch!). I have been using Monarch since 2001.