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    Help with Monarch 4.05

    OverSeer _

      I know it's an old version but we don't really use it for very much.  What we are experiencing though is an issue with a report that was recently changed.  The model doesn't match the new report layout and when I go into Monarch, open the report and then open the model, everything seems fine until I try to scroll down.  Monarch immediately closes.  I grab and old copy of the report and try it, works fine.  Any ideas on how to get it to NOT close on me? :mad:

        • Help with Monarch 4.05
          Grant Perkins

          Hello Overseer and welcome to the forum.


          Maybe the first thing is to consider what, appart form the layout, might have changed in the new report.


          Then perhaps quickly try creating a very basic new model for the new report to see if that works or fails. If it works perhaps check the Input Options for both models to see if there are any differences.


          Next steps in the investigation may appear depending on the results of those quick checks so do let us know how it goes.