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    Fields that don't hold still

    Wes Groleau

      I know that 5.0 is ancient, but it's what we've got.  I see that it can start a field based on

      position of a lead in string, but can it similarly

      end a field?


      This file has fields in fixed ORDER but variable size and position (separated by delimiter characters).


      Trap is consistent, though---beginning of every line.

        • Fields that don't hold still
          Mike Urbonas

          Hi Wes.  Monarch V8 Pro can resolve this issue easily, because it can read delimited files (CSV, etc.) directly as a data source.  You don't have to open your CSV or similar delimited file as a report in Monarch and build a model.


          This newer Monarhc feature was added to address the very problem you noted...it is often problematic to mine data from a delimited text file.


          If you contact our Monarch sales team (800-445-3311), they can help provide you with product information that will help you justify purchasing the Monarch Pro V8.


          I hope you don't take this pose as a sales pitch but rather to assure you that the features of Monarch V8 (plus V6 and V7!) justify the expenditure many times over, in terms of personal productivity.