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    export summaries

    Arne _


      I just installed Monarch V.6.01 (Pro) on WIN2000 and tested new feature "export all summaries" (using German version I have to translate the menu option here).


      Exporting a single summary I to an existing file I get 3 options 1) add new table 2) replace existing table 3) append table.


      These optional choices are missing, when I export all summaries with the new feature "export all". The existing files have auto-filter function which are needed to select.


      Is such a feature not supported? Having received V601, I did not download the 6.01 Update.


      Can anybody help?



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          Tom Whiteside

          Hi, Arne!


          The feature you describe is not just missing or not supported - - it would be too complicated for Monarch to try to figure out.


          When you export ONE summary to an existing file - - Monarch can offer you the three options for all the tables that already exist in the "target" file.


          When you export ALL summaries to an existing file - - if Monarch could offer you the same three options - - Monarch would have to try to list (1) which export summary (2) would add, replace, or append to (3) which existing table.  This would get to be a VERY big table.


          So, for example, if you need to export five summaries to a "target" file with five existing tables - - Monarch will let you add them all as new summaries - - or let you choose to replace all existing tables with the same names - - but Monarch is NOT able to let you choose which of the five export summaries append to which of the five existing tables - - this can only be done by exporting them one at a time.


          There is probably a way to do what you are asking with VBA code - - could someone help?   :confused: 


          Also, there was a recent posting about "Export Multiple Files," on September 9th, that listed which file types would let you export multiple summaries as separate files and which file types would let you export as multiple sheets/tables in one file.


          I hope this helps.  Please write back or send a private message to me if I am not clear.   :confused: 


          Tom Whiteside