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    Automating a model of a workspace

    David Rubin

      I'm still trying to advance my knowledge and experience within the monarch suite, and I cannot seem to figure out how to create a model within a workspace in DPS that will automatically apply to new reports without including the first series used to design the model.  I need a unique set of data to export with each report load, but I want to utilize the same model and change history within the workspace.  I see how that works in classic, but if I am going to use automator to grab files and run them through a workspace, how do I get a unique export with the same model, i.e. traps, as the original without including the old data?  I would prefer to setup the automation in this fashion, but if I have to customize it in classic, I can do so as well.

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          Baba Majekodunmi

          HI David,


          What version of Monarch are you using? If you have the classic model already saved you can drag and drop it into DPS and save it as Part of a new workspace. That would work as intended and not require the data associated with the original report used to build the model.

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              David Rubin

              I think that may work.  I was not aware the model could just be dragged into DPS.  Let me save a copy of that, once I have it perfected, and then see if that will help with automation.  Thanks again!

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                  Grant Perkins



                  With the most recent releases of Monarch most of Classic's functionality is now available in DPS - but not quite everything as far as I can see.


                  The chances are that you will be able to do what you need to do in DPS. However, if you are using one or two of the less commonly used Classic features there may be some additional steps to take once you have made use of a Classic model to create a Load Plan (DPS terminology) in a Workspace.


                  I would expect it to be fairly obvious to you if an imported Classic Model does not seem to completely convert to a DPS Load Plan. In my experience it's not too difficult to resolve any discrepancies that do arise (even before the advances in the latest updates) so just ask if you find something that does not seem to have a resolution that you can discover.