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    Can Automator have variable e-mail contacts based on a key

    Brian Johnson

      I am hoping to distribute files to clients that have detail within my project, but allow the e-mail distribution list to be variable.  I have a client data file to which I'm using an external Lookup to attach client information.  With over 150 clients, it would be nice to be able to send e-mails to only those that have activity on my report.  Can that be done?  We currently have Monarch/Automator version 13.1.

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          Mo Abdolrahim



          In the Monarch desktop classic create a summary and add the client name as a first column in the summary.  Add other columns as needed, whether as keys or items.  It you need to summarize the results then add other fields in the keys and measure lists. If you need to create a data table then add other fields in the item list.


          Save the model and project.  Upload both in the Automator.  Edit the project in the Automator.  Add an export, select summary, on the next panel select the summary you created in the model, and check the “Each distinct value of the first key makes a separate file or table” option.  Make sure you select summary by file (not by table).  Complete the export.


          Select the newly created export, click on the export distribution, select “Email By Key” option.  Click on the Recipients button.  Add the client name, which should be the same name in the first column of the summary.  Then add the client email.  If you have 150 clients, you should add 150 entries for the recipients.  Unfortunately, this process is manual.  You can also supply an email for missing key recipient. If you did not add a client to the recipient list, then an email will be sent to the email which is specified in the missing key recipient.