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    PDF with columns

    Catrina Pratt



      I'm trying to convert this .pdf file into Excel. I'm trying to create 2 columns.

      1. Page 1 starting with "Facility" as the Field Column

      2. Page 1 starting with "Facility/Provider 10 Character NPI Number" as the description Field Column


      Any advice would be a big help!


      Thank you!



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          Steve Caiels

          Hi Catrina,


          Is it this specific PDF you are tying to convert or the text file it is describing?

          Assuming it's the text file it is describing, I think this should work as a database format rather than a text report as such.

          When you get to the csv options, use [tab] as the delimiter and ignore one line (as it contains different information).


          If I've misunderstood, please ley me know!




          • Re: PDF with columns
            Chris Porthouse

            How familiar are you with Monarch?  I'm going to give you a high level description but if you need more info, let us know.  If you are using Monarch Classic, open your PDF and chose the appropriate options on the PDF import screen.  I ended up using Freeform and PDF engine version 3.0.  There was some weird behavior with the footer in your document. Once the PDF is loaded you can to Report Design and create a detail trap on a sample line looking at Facility:

            You then draw your fields where you need them.  I edited the second field/column to use an advanced technique to capture all the text until it ran into a blank line.  The only issue with this is that your 2nd column spanned multiple pages (Admitting Status Values), so I made a page header that would allow that column to continue on to the next page:

            The only other trick would be to set the 2nd field to a memo data type to make sure it grabs everything.  Depending on how you need the 2nd column formatted you will need to do some more Monarch magic but this should be a good starting point:

            Hope this helps.  Let us know if you have any questions.