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    Add model author and description

    Suzanne Savage

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm using Monarch version 14 and would like to know how to edit the Model author and description fields found on the HOME tab. I'd also like to add comments to templates and fields. I cannot figure out how to edit these fields from the home tab or anywhere else within the model.



      Suzanne :-)

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          Grant Perkins

          Hi Suzanne,


          Assuming we are thinking solely in terms of Classic Monarch here ....


          The Model (and Project) Audits are intended to be self documenting and auditing. As such I think the legacy functionality for editing the model header details (from pre-audit days) looks like is has been dropped. Comment ability seems to have gone as well.


          You can, however, add comments to many fields and features.


          Calculated fields have a Comments feature  (/*   Comments    */) .


          Some other features and functions have specific "Comments" buttons that allow comments to be added, Filters and Functions for example, but not all of them.


          At one time I seem to recall that the concept of comments was more widely available but I suspect that hardly anyone used them. (I would have to go back to some old releases to verify that comment!)


          Perhaps we have both missed something.?


          I'll have a deeper look later if time allows.




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              Suzanne Savage

              Thanks Grant, yes Classic Monarch is what I'm using. 


              It is also my suspicion that the functionality has been dropped. I used to document my models and leave myself notes about filters and calculated fields since some models only get used occasionally. I upgraded to version 14 this year and the functionality seems to be gone. It seems like it should be simple to leave these text fields in the software. I hate the idea of having to create companion Word docs to document my models.


              Suzanne :-)