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    Export only a total line from a summary

    Melissa Falardeau



      I am currently using version 13.4.16367 of Monarch.  I am trying to export only a the Total line from a Summary.  Is this something I can do?  I have tried hiding the Keys and made sure that I have checked "Insert Total Line'.  When I hide the fields it will not show anything.


      My summary currently looks like this:


      Loan NumberAmount



      All I want is the last line


      Thank you!

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          Grant Perkins

          Hi Melissa,


          Good question!


          Unless I have forgotten something about Summaries (quite possible!) I think the answer is no unless you do a little creative tweaking.


          From what you have in your sample one option would be to export it as it is and then filter the resulting output to obtain only the OTD line. It's an extra step but simple.


          Alternatively if you have available a field that occurs for all records in the table you could make that the key field and it would always give you just one line for the measure.


          Now I have known a lot of databases to have such repeating (and redundant!) data but assuming yours does not you can add such a field to the Monarch table.


          If it is always to be called OTD then a formula field where the formula is "OTD" is all you need. You won't need the Grand Total line unless you want a secondary check of the value calculated.


          If you want the concept to have a variable name  - for example if the model is likely to be deployed for multiple purposes and the term required might be something else - "Total" for example - you could populate it from a Runtime field added to the table (or just use the Runtime field!) or a "User Edit" field .... or combinations of fields.


          But perhaps that is getting a little more complicated than you need at this point.




          ETA: You may already have such a field to use from either an append template or a Page header template - even if you are not currently extracting it.However the ability to give the field a useful value  - like "Total" - may mean that those options are less attractive.

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            Aaron Mandujan

            Hello Melissa


            If all you want is the one line you can just select the row header for that line from the summary screen, right click and copy. You can then paste the line into Excel, Word, etc. You will not get the column headers, but you will have the info.