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    Automator Process: Input file is PDF but the export to excel table fails.

    Baba Majekodunmi

      Hello Folks,


      I'm trying to run a process in automator where the input file is a pdf, the monarch model was built in classic, and the export option is for the table in excel, but this is the error I get on the export Table option. How do I solve for this? The model works fine on the desktop version.


      System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

      at DynamicModule.ns.Wrapped_IItemExecutor_6d2b34ca4231415aa2e5d933f20329e2.Execute(ExecutableItem executableItem)

      at Datawatch.Services.DataPump.Processing.ProcessDesignerServices.NodeExecutors.CommonNodeExecutor.Execute(ExecutionNode executableItem)

      at Datawatch.Services.DataPump.Processing.ProcessDesignerServices.NodeExecutors.ExportNodeExecutor.Execute(ExecutionNode executableItem)

      at Datawatch.Services.DataPump.Processing.ProcessDesignerServices.NodeExecutors.NodeExecutionManager.Execute(ExecutionNode executionNode, IUnityContainer container)

      at Datawatch.Services.DataPump.Processing.ProcessDesignerServices.NodeExecutors.NodeExecutionManager.ExecuteNode(ExecutionNode node, IUnityContainer container, ConcurrentBag`1 stopNodes)