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    Saving Exports to Model files

    Suzanne Savage

      Hello all,


      I'm running Monarch V13 and can't seem to save exports to the model files. I can create and run the exports successfully and save the model files. I'm exporting table data to Excel and that all works fine. When I exit Monarch it says the Exports have changed, do I want to save the exports to the project file. I click no because I don't use the project files since my source data file name changes everyday. Is there a way to save the exports in the model files so users can reuse the exports every time they use the model without having to recreate them and without using project files?



      Suzanne :-)

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          Hi Suzanne,


          You'll only be able to save the Export in the Project.


          This feature is by design and there's no other way to do this.


          Hope this helps.


          Kind Regards,



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            Grant Perkins

            Hi Suzanne,


            Migz is correct, a project file is the way to save models.


            If you input file is a database your users could change the source file quite simply.


            If it is a "report" just close the previous file that has been saved and pre-loaded then open the new one. Or open the new one and close the previous one.


            Unless you are doing something with the report name that cannot be achieved any other way you could also consider having a fixed substitute name and location for the file, known to the project, and copy the daily file to that name and location, overwriting the contents with a fresh file each day and saving the true original somewhere safe.


            No doubt others will pop pup with their own suggestions for Project best practice - there are options.


            If you have automation available you could go further with making the users lives simpler still.


            There are plenty of good things to embrace with the project concept and minimal effort to deliver them.