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    Data Prep and Multiple PDFs

    Melissa White

      I am a long time user of Monarch (since version 4).  At my current job, we only have version 8.  I have to say that I absolutely LOVE data prep. I am currently using a trial version of the newest Monarch Complete.  This project will prove the new features are worth upgrading (hopefully). However, how do I apply the same data prep setup to multiple PDF files in order to export as one CSV file?  I have a data prep workspace applied to one of the files that works great.  I need to do this to multiple PDF documents without having to go through the process again for each of them.   When I drag the other PDF files into the model, the program prompts me to set up a separate capture for each.  I am missing a step I am sure.  Thanks for your help.



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          DataExploiter _

          Use Monarch Basic V13 to open multiple PDF files. I use the studio (that's what you’re trying to use with the free download)..... monarch studio sits on top of Monarch Basic for data transformation like unpivoting, grouping ,appending tables, quick formatting, transforming data types or a quick parse of single web page.

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            Hi Melissa,


            We're very thankful that you Love our product.

            In regards to your question, If you're using the latest released we have for DPS this is actually possible.


            You can have Multiple PDF's to load in one Workspace as long as those PDF files are in the same format.


            Here's what you need to do:

            - Open up your Workspace

            - In the "Data Prep" Tab, right click on the table you have for the first PDF file

            - Click "Duplicate Table" (it will create another table with the same name)

            - Click on the duplicated table and click the "Access report view" button

            - Click the "Edit File Path" and then browse your other PDF file

            - Load the PDF file

            - Double click on the 2nd Table to rename it


            No you have successfully load multiple PDF's in your existing Workspace.


            Let us know if this helps.




            Migz Perez

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              Austin Perkins

              Good morning Melissa,


              Migz suggestion is certainly the best if you want to fully utilize all that DPS can offer. However, if there are several PDFs, this process could become somewhat long by having to continue to duplicate and change file paths. Another suggestion I might offer is to combine the PDFs into 1 before you put it into DPS, that way you'll only be working with a single file. I combine PDFs for this reason and it tends to save a lot of time (as long as they are all identical).


              Hope this helps!