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    Blank line at the end of each page

    Kristie _


      I am using v13.  I have multiple lines of data that I want to capture for each record. 


      111222333  Doe, John

                       123 Main St

                       Anytown IN 46410


      Unfortunately there are page breaks in between records near the end of the page.  Could break after the first or second line.  Then there is a blank line before the header starts on the next page.   It is using the blank line at the end as part of the record.  Is there a way to get the  model to ignore that last line like it ignores the header rows?



        • Re: Blank line at the end of each page
          Olly Bond

          Hello Kristie


          You could try defining a Page Header template - Monarch respects these when handling multi-line data so the broken address should come out in one piece. If you define the Page Header template with just BBBBBB blank traps, then every blank line in the report will act as a page break.


          An alternative might be to tell your multi-line address field in the Advanced properties to stop on "none of the above" or on "blank field values" of 2 or more.


          Best wishes,