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    How to use Reference Lines along with Vertical Bar Graph ?

    Rakesh Ojha



      In Designer 12.xx or 13.xxx, how to use Reference Lines in General visualizations?


      In General visualizations Category, only Bullet Graph has that feature to include Reference Lines.


      My requirement is to integrate Vertical or Horizontal Bar Graph with Reference line which is not supported by Datawatch Designer.


      As a workaround, I created dummy TimSeries Data for it and by use of TimeSeies visualization (Combination graph / Niddle Graph) able to handle

      and show the reference line. But in X axis, we are unable to display different Buckets (like 0-1 , 1-2, 2-3.....) in X axis for individual Needle Graph (Frequencies in Height).Since, TimeSeries Viz only show Date/Time pattern on X axis by default.

      Therefore, to manage this, we hide the X axix Dates from Setting and manage the Bucket Values in Callouts.


      But again it's a workaround, it's looks very awkward to display many callouts due to huge range of Buckets and Frequency Needle graph.


      Also, In Time Series Needle graph (Setting >> General >> Needle Width), the maximum allowed width is 10 only. it should be at-least 20.



      Therefore, in summary, we need the proper solution for the highlight below points:

      1. Need Reference line to be include in Vertical Bar Graphs (General Non TimeSeries Viz).
      2. Need to change and allow the customization of  X axis TimeSeries Format.
      3. Need to increase Width from more than 10 in Time Series Needle graph.