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    Automate Monarch Project

    Gatter _

      I have a Monarch project (.xprj file) created. I have it set up to where
      when I open up the project file all I do is click a few more buttons to export
      a summary report out to a set network drive location. Is there a way to
      automate this process to where I do not even have to open the project file just
      to click a few buttons to get my final file needed?



      FYI!! - I am using Monarch Pro version

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          MelaSarenas _

          Hello Gatter,


          Datawatch offers Datawatch Server or Automator for these types of business processing.  Automator can run your projects and export the files you need.  It can also send the exported files via email aside from placing it in the desired network drive.


          Also, you can create .bat  or scripts using Monarch's COM automation or command line parameters.  You need to call your Datawatch Sales Representative to help you determine which way to go.


          Hope this helps.