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    Automater - File locking & unable to process xlsx files without header row? (bugs?)




      For a few months we've Datawatch Automator running several processes. Although I'm still waiting for a Utility tool to manage the non-XML models and projects, it works.


      Up until the moment we've added some projects which (should) process data from an spreadsheet (xlsx) source without any header row (column names). These models work fine when running manually in either Monarch Pro (v11.7.13.0) and Modeler (v12.0.5.2002), but Automater quits the job. I'm pretty sure the cause is in the fact that the data source does not have column names, since similar models (using same lookups, calculated fields, export, etc.) are working well.


      Another issue we're facing is that files continue to be locked (for editing by Automator) as soon as the job fails. This is for both the export file as the source file. Of course we can continue to call IT support to unlock the files and kick the Automater user out, but I would expect Automator to close the open files when quiting on the job.


      Are these issues known? And are there any known solutions for it (other than adding a header row to the data)?