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    2 line trap

    rmajor77 _

      I can’t find how to designate a trap character on the 2nd line of a 2 line trap. What am I missing?

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          Nick Osdale-Popa

          In the definition of the template, right above the trap entry box, you should see an option that says:


          Trap Line:[/b] followed by the number 1


          Just increase that line to 2 and it will now trap on the 2nd line.


          Hope that helps!

            Originally posted by rmajor77:

          I can’t find how to designate a trap character on the 2nd line of a 2 line trap. What am I missing? /b[/quote]

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            rmajor77 _

            I did that but I was trying to create a trap based on both lines.



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              sveni2211 _



              I have the same problem and question. I'm using Monarch 8.01 pro. There is a report in PDF-format. Other reports are no problem. I was able to get all data we needed.

              But this report has Records which are sometimes about 2,3,4,5 or 6 lines. Setting the selector isn't problem. The lines i needed are selected by monarch. But there are also selections, next records selected to.


              Data look like this:




              Number Typ Name      Item     Price

              000381  A  Name 1    Part 1   100.00

              004283  A  Name 2    Part 1   100.00

              004647  A  Name 3    Part 1   100.00

                                   Part 2   100.00

                                   Part 4   100.00

              234787  A  Name 4    Part 2   100.00

                                   Part 3   100.00

              427878  B  Name 5    Part 1   100.00

                                   Part 3   100.00  /font[/quote]In column "Typ" there are 1 of 3 characters possible. The price is only for example, could be all floating point values.


              To extract data (arround 60,000 records) i selected (in this example) the 3 lines starts with "004647". Selector is set like above. Monarch selects the right datasets. But also some sets mit only one or two lines are selected, too. So, if i extract data, some lines are completly wrong, because for example a 2-line-record is mixed with a one-line-record.


              So, question is, it's possible to use a selector above more than two lines? For example if i want all records with three of the part-line i'm able to tell monarch, in line 2 and 3 the first character have to be blank to go into the trap.


              Or is there an other possibility to select the data i want?

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                Bruce _

                Yes there is another way.


                First trap the price and item as the DETAIL template (do NOT pick up number type and name yet).


                Now create a new APPEND template & pick up the 3 remaining fields you did not pick up in step 1.


                That's it.


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                  sveni2211 _

                  It work's really fine. Thank's a lot!