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    Odbc database password

    Andy Hewitt

      This is my first post to this forum so be gentle.


      My company recently invested in the datawatch Datapump and new copies of Monarch.


      I'm running DATAPUMP v11.4.5 on a win8R2 server and MONARCH pro v 11.3 on a WIN7 64bit on a DELL 6520 with Office 2010


      After several hours of trouble shooting the server install I think we have the bugs worked out.   Datawatch support staff were very helpful in isolating the problems.


      Now I'm trying to build projects in Monarch to run on the server. 


      Two immediate issues came to light. 


      1. I can't open a database to password protected spreadsheet


      2. I can't get the password to stick when I open a database to a ODBC connection.


      Has anyone been able to accomplish either?


      Let me know how you did it. 


      Thanks in advance



        • Odbc database password
          Olly Bond

          Hello Andy


          Sorry for the delay over the holidays. How far have you got on with this? Can you email me a sample spreadsheet with a password on it, so that I can test in v11?


          Best wishes,



            • Odbc database password
              Andy Hewitt

              Datawatch Global Support reply....


              Upon further investigation of this issue, importing password-protected Excel files is not a feature of Monarch. We are afraid that this issue is a bug, thus escalated to our Development Team for future enhancement.


              We will contact you as soon as we figure out a fix for this. Thank you for your patience.



              Kind regards,