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    Report - No displaying subsetted(filtered) list when I print

    Arich _

      I am, obviously, fairly new to Monarch. I primarily use it to convert reports to Excel files.


      I am having problems trying to get a report to print using the filter I created. My filter creates a simple subset of records based on date and ORDER#. When I look at the data in the TABLE view the data is correct. When I change it to REPORTS, the data I want is in gray onscreen, exactly how I want it.


      However, when I am in the REPORTS view and then select print, the report prints with ALL the records. it is as if it is ignoring the filter.


      I am not using the correct option to print a report, in PDF, with my data and filter?




        • Report - No displaying subsetted(filtered) list when I print
          elginreigner _

          Filtering affects the data being exported to a file or the visible data in the table view only. When you hit the 'print' from the reports view, it will simply print the report. In this case, you will need to be in table view and hit print from there. Or you can create an export and print the exported file.

            • Report - No displaying subsetted(filtered) list when I print
              Arich _

              Can I create a "report' from that data and then print out the report. Ideally I would like to be able to print out a report that looks just like the original report I imported but with only the filtered data?


              thanks again,  Arich

                • Report - No displaying subsetted(filtered) list when I print
                  elginreigner _

                  With Monarch, you can create almost any output you need, in any format. As long as your table contains all of the data you need, you can export that to a file. To have it look like the original would take some time to make it match up perfectly (I assuming this as I dont know what your report looks like).

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                      Olly Bond

                      Hello Arich


                      There are two ways to achieve the result you want. Well, three ways if you include printing out the whole report and getting busy with a pair of scissors


                      In Monarch, you can recreate the hierarchical layout of the report in the summary window. Use the fields from the Append templates as keys, and those from the Detail as item fields. You've then got fairly decent formatting options and can export to PDF. Crucially, you can break the export on changes in a key value, so you create a PDF for each Order#.


                      In Datawatch|ES, or Monarch BI Server, you don't need to recreate the report layout in a summary this way, because the logical chopping of a report into "documents" based on key fields is part of the upload process. You can even assign access rights so that only Manager X can see the "document", or section of the report, corresponding to Order# Y.


                      As a halfway house between producing local files in Monarch, and providing self-service browser-based data in BI Server, you could use Datapump and automate both the generation of the files and their distribution to the right recipients via email.





                        • Report - No displaying subsetted(filtered) list when I print
                          Grant Perkins

                          Another, perhaps slightly crude, possibility is to select every line of the existing report in its entirety and then filter the lines you don't want. Assuming that the report format is relatively well structured and consistent and does not exceed 254 characters width this can work well - used with fixed width fonts to retain line positioning.


                          However this will literally remove lines for the output and that could lead to some interesting variability with the number of lines per page, for instance. That said if you really need to just print the report as it was with some lines removed this is exactly what the idea can do if the can apply the filters as required. It may be that you need to create some fields that act as the filter fields rather than attempting to filter directly on the lines. In some circumstances you may need a separate model to create such filter fields and then add the fields to the report lines using an external lookup (assuming you have Monarch Pro) or by an internal lookup manually (cut and paste) if you have Monarch Standard.



                          You then print from the filtered table but, all being well, it will look just like the report did minus the lines filtered out.