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    PDF - Weird - Data trapped but fields are empty

    elginreigner _

      Very odd. My traps are successful, you can see the values are gathered from as the fields are color coded (which makes it very easy to see a successful trap). BUT, my fields in table view are empty. I have tried the following:


      Expanding the view of the field beyond field size (thought it may have cut data off)

      Created and save another model, with no success.


      Here is the very odd part, all of these fields are in a footer, when I redirect the traps to have no footers, I get data in all fields.


      Any Ideas??


      Edit: Oh, this is for only 1 file (affects when there are multiple reports) with 1 account. It is not gathering footer data from another account.

        • PDF - Weird - Data trapped but fields are empty
          Olly Bond

          Hello Elgin,


          You can often get trapped append and footer data in the report window that doesn't appear in the table window, just because there's no associated detail trap that has returned data. With PDFs, it might be worth setting the detail template to use the floating trap option in order to maximise the chance that it matches the correct lines. To help diagnose where the missing data is, a field like str(ID())" - "str(Page())" - "str(Line()) should let you know which detail traps have been successful, and a summary on this often helps reveal the pages with missing data.


          Best wishes,



            • PDF - Weird - Data trapped but fields are empty
              elginreigner _

              The detail and append traps return data perfectly fine, only the fields that are in footer traps do not have data. With this setup there is only 1 page per account per report. I only have 1 report open.


              With the addition of the color coding trap types and fields, it make it very easy to that my traps are successful.


              Let me throw another monkey wrench into this odd scenario, I have 11 reports (actually 200+) but in this case 11. 9 of the 11 act as stated above, the other 2 return all data.

              • PDF - Weird - Data trapped but fields are empty
                elginreigner _

                Olly, while typing that I came up with a scenario, which kind of worked.

                Here's my issue, the client upgraded their system, changing the layout. I have the same project that handles 2 different layouts. Currently there are 3 footers, 1 for the SSN and DOB, the other 2 both handle balances as their location has changed in the upgrade.


                When I remove the first balance field (footer2) I get results for the new balance column. This wont help me as I need it to gather both balances, compare, which ever is empty, use the other as the balance.