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    Subtotals in Append Template

    stc _

      I am on Version 7.

      I have a report that has individual lines of data and then subtotals at the end.  I created a detail template to capture the individual lines of data.  I created a append template to capture the subtotals. 

      When I try to view the table the subtotals appear vertical instead of horizontal.  How can I get the subtotals to appear after each individual line of data that contains subtotals.


      For Example:

      Patient Name  Charge  Outstanding Balance

      Green,M       150.00    75.00

      Spence,D      250.00    20.00

        Subtotal    400.00    95.00


      After I create the detail and append templates I go into view table and the data appears as follows:


      Subtotal   Patient Name  Charge Outstanding Bal

      400.00     Green,M       150.00     75.00

      95.00     Spence,D      250.00     20.00

        • Subtotals in Append Template
          Grant Perkins

          Hello stc and welcome to the forum!


          Your subtotals relate to the value columns on the original report but you are including them as individual values, by the look of the sample, for each Patient Name where the append rules hold true.


          Even if your append is really a footer it would associate the subtotals with every Patient Name record.


          Can you just drop the subtotals - which likely will not apply anyway if you are doing any further analysis and filtering  - and use the subtotal functionality within the Monarch Summary to give you the results dynamically?