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    Append Template On Wrong Line

    Nerbl2001 _

      I have a detail model with 3 appends.  The 3rd append is appending to the line below the record so the value for the first record is blank.  Detail line 2 has append record for line 1,  detail line 3 has append record for line 2, etc.

        • Append Template On Wrong Line
          Grant Perkins

          Hello Nerbl2001 and welcome to the forum.


          Append traps must not end AFTER the detail trap, though they can be the same as the detail trap.


          From your outline it sounds like your third append is trapping after your detail. You may find things improve if you make it a footer type rather than append. However if your records do not alwyas have that third append in place you may find footers being added to records where they should not be. In that case you might need to look at some slightly less obvious ways to get what you want from the report you are processing.


          People here can help but posting a sample of the report so we can see the structure is usually very helpful for a fast and usable response to be delivered. See the 'Sticky' towards the top of the forum for guidance on posting sample reports.