K-means Clustering - parameterized, interactive, dynamic

    This workbook was built with Panopticon Designer 13.7.0 and is an example of the power in the combination of Panopticon and R. The workbook shows  a combination of:


    - k-means clustering in R

    - the data wrangling possibilities in R

    - parameters in Panopticon

    - visualizations and GUI-controls in Panopticon


    The result is a dashboard that lets the user apply k-means cluster analysis on any combination of numeric columns from a data set, while also controlling things like the number of clusters, the clustering algorithm to use, and more. The user sets all these preferences on-the-fly, and the new clusters are visualized immediately.


    The solution is 100% data-driven, meaning that the spreadsheet used in this example can be replaced with any other spreadsheet that has at least 2 numeric columns, while keeping everything else in the R code and dashboard configuration as-is.


    The workbook is a good example to learn from for beginners in R, or Panopticon, or both.