Do you need more colors for your text values in Designer?

    I've created a Text Color Palette that you can import, which will give you a palette with 30 different colors instead of the 14 that you have in the shipped color palettes. The palette is based on the 14 colors palette, and extended with a dark and a light variety of the seven basic colors, making 28 different colors. On top of that, there are 2 shades of grey, plus of course the "Others" or NA shade of grey, which is the middle tone grey below.


    You will find that in release 13.4, you are not able to edit a text color palette of this size from within Designer, since the GUI supports a maximum of 20 colors. This means that in the palette below, you will only see the colors from A1 to C6. This 30-color palette was created by exporting an existing palette, followed by editing the XML of the palette, where the number of colors was set to 30.


    To add this palette to your Designer installation, you save the .excp file to disk, then open Tools > Options > Color Palettes, and select Import Palettes...