10.5 to Automator 12.3 database connection


    I upgraded each of the models and projects from v10.5 to v12.3-  I uploaded all of the new models and projects into the new automator and I am editing the exports because this is a new server with a new name.  I set up an ODBC connection on the server, added a connection definition in Modeler, I can edit the export, select the ODBC which tests fine, select the database table but when I get to matching the field names from modeler to the database I only get a blank drop down list.  No fields to choose.  Any ideas what would cause this?   thanks, Kristie


    Hi Kristie,

    First let me apologize for no online response to your question.  We're putting processes in place now to make sure that doesn't happen again.  Is this still an open issue for you?  Joe


    Hi Kristie,

    You mentioned the Automator major version is12.3, but did not specify the minor version.  The latest patch update for the Automator 12.3 is 19 (12.3.19).  The version is displayed on the bottom right corner of the Automator login page.

    The patch updates are cumulative, you can just apply the patch update 19 and it should resolve the database mapping issue.






    how do i set up an ODBC connection to my modeler?


    Albert Harari


    Hi Albert,


    If you are referring to Datawatch Modeler ODBC connection, please see below.


    If you wanted to import data from an ODBC compatible database (in the Open Database dialog ) you would select the ODBC connection option, and then use the Select an ODBC Data Source dialog that displays to select the ODBC data source name (DSN) that connects to your ODBC data source.Modeler can import data from ODBC data sources for which you have established an ODBC Data Source Name definition (referred to as a DSN).


    However, Modeler does not create a DSN for you – you must create a DSN using the Windows Control Panel ODBC Data Sources applet or a similar utility.


    To configure  or setup a DSN in your machine environment, you may check this link for your reference <Creating a Data Source Name (DSN) in Windows>


    Hope this helps. Thank you!





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