Sales Analytics Blueprint for Retail

    The Sales Analytics Blueprint for Retail (SABR) is a sales auditing system that can readily extract POS reports and produce tabular, summary, and dashboard views that may be easily read and analyzed by various personnel involved in the sales process.


    SABR uses dashboards and interactive charts for Visual Data Discovery to:

    • Provide a scalable, analytic view of retail store performance
    • Enable users to visually discover store metrics from large POS datasets
    • Drill down from store-level summaries to daily breakdowns by brand and product
    • Empower users to make business decisions using accurate and up-to-date information

    SABR uses data grids and tables to allow:

    • loading of data extracted from POS transaction logs for presentation in detail or summary views
    • physical audit of sales for effective inventory, supply chain, finance, customer, and store management
    • periodic audit of KPIs to determine and ensure achievement of sales targets
    • report generation and visualization every audit cycle
    • visualization of data to uncover previously undiscovered trends and behaviors
    • automation of repetitive and time-consuming tasks to reduce operations costs and improve productivity


    The complete Blueprint can be downloaded at Sales Analytics Blueprint for Retail (SABR)