• Need help with non column report

    Hi everyone. Very new to Monarch. I am trying to extract data from the following report format. How can I get the info into a single line? Everything I tried picks up each individual field as a separate item in the ta...
    Al Stephenson
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  • Data Mining out of an Excel Spreadsheet

    Hello,   I am importing an Excel Spreadsheet in monarch so I can get the information into the correct order so it can be uploaded into another system.  However, many of the spreadsheets that I am getting ha...
    Brett Kunze
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  • Problem with external lookups

    I have a problem that I've been fighting.  I feel like I'm missing a very simple step but don't know what it is...So, here goes.   I have a model that is pulling in 2 external lookups.  Both are workin...
    Kathi _
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  • Select Data for "Floating Trap" where no space exsist

    I don't know if I am over thinking this or under none the less.   I have a table that is similar to below. I am trying to do a floating trap. None of the rows have all of the collumns. (No row will have 1 - 9)...
    Vaughn Mitchell
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  • Edit File Path

    When editing a file path in a workspace (switching files) there's no option to show "All Files" the only option is "Delimited Text Files"   This excludes files that aren't saved with the typical .txt, .csv, etc ...
    Craig Kortlandt
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  • Internal cache database size exceeded

    Trying to open csv as database that is just over 10gb in size and get Monarch error   'Internal cache database size exceeded'   Can this be overcome in settings anywhere?   Using Classic V13
    vanessalowther _
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  • Open binary excel file

      Folks     I am attempting to load a large file 200K records  82Mb if in  xlsx, or  42Mb is in xlsb.  Can ayone tell me if  Panopticon can open the xlsb file type?  ...
    Ian Hughes
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  • Having trouble creating floating trap with '|' delimiter

    I have some reports that have the '|' character (character above the '\') as the delimiter, but Monarch doesn't seem to recognize this character when I put it in the trap field.  I'm using Monarch Version 9.0.&nb...
    kcnickel _
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  • Parsing Data from Banner Reports

    Open video

    Marianna Romero
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  • Have pipe separated values in .txt file. How to define Model?

    I have a text file that has columns separated by the "|" (pipe) character. Some fields are variable in length, so the columns following are not in the same place as the row above or below. This is probably a beginner ...
    Bill Deville
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  • Introducing the Table Extractor

    Open video

    Marianna Romero
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  • Swap Database?

    I have two exact databases, one is month end (me1), one is previous day (st1).  I wrote a pretty elaborate report on the month end database and now I'm being asked to provide it mid-month as well so I want to swi...
    Stacy Litke
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  • Append record mapping to wrong record

    I am a new Monarch Classic user and I am trying to convert a FA report into a table. Each Asset record contains either 2 or 3 lines where the 2nd line containing the asset serial # is option and missing from most reco...
    Mike Tracey
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  • Data Prep Filter issue

    Hi Everyone,   So I created a workspace in DataPrep and uploaded it to Automator for a daily export but when Automator runs it doesn't process the filters on the Change List and gives me data I do not want. Is t...
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  • Unable to Append in Monarch DPS v13.5

    Hey everyone,   I have a Microsoft Access database that has two tables that are identical, but the only difference between the two of them is one table is used for current, relevant data, and the other is used f...
    David Rubin
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  • auto adjust of the dashboard

    I have a dashbord which contains several visiualizations. At my office screen I fully see each visiualization without need to scroll down/ aside (no scrollers appear) When I open it in my laptop (smaller monitor) the...
    michal perry
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  • Calculating Weekdays

    Hello Datawatch Community.  I need help with calculating the number of weekdays between a start and end date.  I currently have Datawatch 13/13.5.  I  tried to use the user defined function, but I'...
    Troy Rader
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  • No input files shown for workspace

    Uploaded a workspace that uses four input files, but under replace paths "no file dependencies found."  
    Craig Kortlandt
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  • Can someone help me with a Summary Report problem in Monarch 9 Pro?

    I am trying to create a multiple report summary from five separate reports, which were created in PDF format. Each report contains a company ID, company name, and a financial balance. The reports are generated from ...
    Tony Geller
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  • Report View Wrap

    Datawatch,   Is there a way to prevent the report from wrapping in the report view?       Thanks...   Dan Alaniz Client Integration Services VALIC 2919 Allen Parkway, L10-10 Houston, TX...
    a2z143 _
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