• Monarch 10 user upgrade to 11...

    I've used various versions of Monarch/Datawatch dating back to version 3 in 2005ish.  Recently required to upgrade from 10 to 11 due to XML4 no longer being supported.   I'm finding it difficult to incorpor...
    Mike Spitzack
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  • Automator Timer Retry

    Hi,   I am using v14.0 of Automator and when I try to run the process below it should be running with all 3 input files but for some reason only runs the top one. When I remove the timers it runs properly but I ...
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  • How many people use batch calls to run modals for automation

    I am an old school batch programming user and use this style to make calls for automation.  Do you prefer the process this way?  
    Valentine _
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  • Automator Export Naming - Need Next months month number

    I have an automator export that I need to include a month in the naming of the xlsx export.  I currently have the export name as "Monthly PMI.&[mm].&[yy].xlsx"   So if it runs today the name would b...
    Melissa Falardeau
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  • Getting Rid of Leading Zeroes in Character Field?

    Hello all, I am using Monarch 13 Classic to pull contract IDs from one report and match it to another with $ amounts. The problem is, on one report there are leading zeroes before some of the IDs and in the other rep...
    Jon Raether
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  • No key fields are defined

    Hi I have created 2 Models. I would like to create a third model. The third model will be a Database connection from SQL. I have had permission to acess SQL and specify which models I require.   I keep getting ...
    Ravi Paw
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  • Protecting a multi-line "Detail" block across a page break

    MONARCH 12 Q: Is there a way to preserve a multi-line detail block across a page break/page header?   I'm trapping a report where each "detail" block comprises four lines. Ideally, I template the entire block a...
    Bruce Chitiea
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  • Database Password required for Excel file

    Hi guys. Just got Office 2016 package installed and now all my models with external excel lookup files prompt for a password although file is not password protected. Even Setting a Password in those Excel files won't ...
    Diego Josef Eyer
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  • Getting the input file name in a PreProcess script

    I am currently trying to create  Datapump PreProcess and PostProcess scripts that in the preprocess script will copy a file to a destination file with the same filename as the input file name ie. input file is ab...
    Simon Knowd
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  • VBA Access and Monarch-Using JetExportTable

    I am running VBA code in an Access database.  I'd like to use JetExportTable to export the result from a text file and a model directly into the Access database I am running the code in.  I have no problem s...
    Tyrone Sunde
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  • Index was outside the bounds of the array.

    I was wondering if someone could help me with the root cause to the above error. The model is working fine locally...meaning I can import the data in Monarch and export with no issues. Once I bring the project and mod...
    Frank Walka
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  • Multiple overlapping detail lines

               1           2        3        4 ...
    Billy Mackie
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  • DataPrep Modeling

    Hi, I brought a pdf file into DataPrep and created a model from there but realized after I created the model that if an amount is negative the sign would be after the number (100-) but i didn't capture it this way. I...
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  • If statement

    I am trying to do an "if" statement on a lookup field to return a calculate field of another. At the end of the day I have a "lookup" column that I created to extract out "CR" or "DB" from a string. The raw data has C...
    Kimerly Adams
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  • How can I set a new Default Title Row Style?

    I'd like to change the Default Title Row Style for Monarch Summaries. How do I do that?
    Joseph Beckner
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  • leading zero's on dates

    when exporting my file manually through Datawatch Monarch the leading zeros and included on my file, however when I run my export through Datawatch Automator the leading zeros are being dropped.  any idea on how ...
    Rebecca Beckering
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  • Finding Median of Dataset or create function to Datawatch

    Hi All   I have the following dataset that I have managed to Model the data which is as I wanted.   I required from the "Response" values to calculate the "median". I know Modeller can do all sorts of func...
    Ravi Paw
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  • Bank Teller Reconciliation with Datawatch Monarch

    Open video

    Marianna Romero
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  • Monarch Classic v14 Not Responding in Table View

    I had this problem in v13.5 but thought it was in the past with version v14.  Unfortunately it has reared up again.   In this case I'm working with 4 PDF files (although it also happens with a single PDF fi...
    Dirk Schulze
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  • How do I get all my lines to show up?

    Hello, I have a report that lists a SLS Rep, an Item # and the Customers who are purchasing. My problem is the report is laid out so that the Customers purchasing are listed first, then the Item information undernea...
    April Grimes
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