• How many people use batch calls to run modals for automation

    I am an old school batch programming user and use this style to make calls for automation.  Do you prefer the process this way?  
    Valentine _
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  • Filtering by First Value in a String?

    Hello,   I have a field that pulls contract numbers but we only need ones that start with a C or a V. I am trying to use a formula filter with the formula  LEFT([Field],1)="c" .or. "v" , but it is giving m...
    Kristine Birky
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  • Combining if-statements (nesting)

    Is there a possibility of nesting if-statements whereby the criteria is the same but the data may vary? I prefer to segregate a full name string into parts of the full string and place them into individual respective ...
    Henry Figueroa
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  • Automator Dynamic Input File Path

    Attempting to run a daily process which looks for a file in a different place based on the day.   X:\1234\BACKUP\08_02_2017_00_43_28\StaticFileName   Up to the slash after "BACKUP" is static with the remai...
    Craig Kortlandt
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  • Insert line break is discarding text after the break

    I'm using Monarch Pro 10.5 and have a 3.5 gb text file with 6300+ bytes per line.  I'm using Monarch Utility to insert a page break, placing it after byte 3497.  The result:  a smaller file with the dat...
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  • Complex trapping Monarch 14

    Hello everyone,   I am quite new with Monarch, but I already found the Rex feature and I am starting to enjoy this wonderful application, in full version already : )   I am confronting with this challeng...
    Radu Nita
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  • Automator Input Dynamic File Names

    I need to import the latest version of a file located in a named path folder.   Can anyone point me to a guide for what Automator can work with?   The format for my file names is as follows.   XXXXXX...
    Craig Kortlandt
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  • DataWatch Monarch Ver. 14.1 SCCM 2012 Silent Deployment help?

    Has anyone been successful or has a how-to guide on how to deploy DataWatch Monarch Ver. 14.1 through SCCM???
    Karen Woodwell
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  • Force Formatting in v14.2

    Hey everyone,   I was wondering if there is a way to force formatting, of any kind, when loading an Excel template?  I have some interest rates, for example, that go out three decimal places (0.000), but Mo...
    David Rubin
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  • Export of data to existing CSV file not lining up data to correct field names

    Am using Monarch 14 complete as a trial   Am exporting data which I want to append to an existing csv file.   The process literally just adds to bottom of file, doesn't append data to correct columns???? &...
    vanessalowther _
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  • PDF does not open when using command line

    when i use the command line to open a pdf it does not open but creates an error message.  when i open it via a project file it is ok.   any ideas?
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  • Database Password required for Excel file

    Hi guys. Just got Office 2016 package installed and now all my models with external excel lookup files prompt for a password although file is not password protected. Even Setting a Password in those Excel files won't ...
    Diego Josef Eyer
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  • V13.5 models for automating

    Hi I am using Version 13.5 and had developed the models in classic monarch and now need to automate them. Do I need to be connected to the server for automation? Are there any other concerns or known pitfalls? &nb...
    Data Anon
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  • How do I delete an External Lookup in Monarch Classic 14 when the Data Source no longer exists?

    When going to Table Design, Monarch presents the error message: "Fields in External Lookup ___ did not match schema." This is fine, and expected, because the Excel file referenced by that External Lookup no longer ex...
    Stephen Smay
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  • Automator Update Existing Rows and Append New feature

    I am running Automator 14.1   I have been trying to get clarification on how Automator performs the Update Existing Rows and Append New function into a database (SQL Server)   How does Automator know what ...
    Joseph Territo
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  • New to Monarch and having a Trapping issue

    I am having an issue with this report I can get the first line to trap.  But the second line (****) is only associated with the line above it.  I can get the second line to trap but it wants to repeat on all...
    Marie Anderson
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  • Monarch Classic v13 Command Line Not Running

    We recently purchased a Monarch Classic v13 (32-bit) with COM Automation Add-on license (we also have a v12 with COM Add-on), it's running on a Windows 64-bit computer. Running the v13 scripts from a command line work...
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  • How to upload multiple reports, located in different files at once

    I am having a problem where I have about 234 different accounts organized into individual folders, within each folder is 12-60 pdf files in which I am extracting information. Each account folder actually contains anot...
    Steven Jones
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  • not all data in data window

    hello all, I have a txt doc where I've opened in Monarch 10.5.  I have a detail trap and several appends.  On the main screen, all the data I want to see is highlighted however, when I go to table view, some...
    Paul Carson
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  • Monarch 10 user upgrade to 11...

    I've used various versions of Monarch/Datawatch dating back to version 3 in 2005ish.  Recently required to upgrade from 10 to 11 due to XML4 no longer being supported.   I'm finding it difficult to incorpor...
    Mike Spitzack
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