• concatenate function does not work with a % field

    Have tried to create a text field that is formed of both fields and added text. One of the fields I need to include is a % number field. Which does not work as it is wrong field format   Have tried to convert t...
    vanessalowther _
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  • One report, custom form selector

    English Hello everyone, I got a problem on Datawatch V14.1.   This is the problem: (everything is in the same process, I will not have one process for each form) i got a file with data In the name of the fil...
    Gabriel Filippone
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  • imbedded carriage returns?

    I have a report that I have modeled and one of the fields is what looks like [] mark from the end of the record. I am assuming that is a carriage return as the field can change width.   how do I remove that from...
    brad onuch
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  • Automator Visual Process - workspace file saved in DPS containing original input filename

    I am having a dilemma when I set up a visual process in the Datawatch Automator 14.3, whereby, a workspace file that I saved in the Data Prep Studio, carries over the input file name that I used for data prepping and ...
    Henry Figueroa
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  • Div/0 error in summary

    Hello!   We have a measure in a summary where the formula for one record is 0/0 which is leaving the field blank.  We then export this file to upload into another program and it's creating an error because ...
    LeeAnn Gill
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  • Can't use multi-line field in multi-column environment

    Hi there,   I'm having an odd problem with pulling data consistently from a multi-line field in a multi-column environment.   Here is the outline of the report:     I have defined a four-line ...
    Schorschi _
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  • how to use Monarch extract data

    Does anyone know our problem when using Monarch Pro. we were extracting data on a report file which was "PRN" format. We defined templates of "Page header + detail + Apend" on report view to let Monarch know what data...
    Jasmine xu
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  • Trapping a report with headers on the side

    This is my first time creating a monarch for a report that doesn't have the field headers going across the top of the page.  I am on Monarch version 13.   The report looks like this:   I am trying t...
    Melissa Falardeau
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  • Error Exporting to .xlsm file???

    Hello All:   Does anyone have a idea why I am suddenly getting the error "The Excel file is incompatible with this version of Monarch" when I Export a Summary to an Macro-Enabled Excel .xlsm file.  I have d...
    Al Rice
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  • Connection to Teradata

    I am trying to connect to Teradata via ODBC. I can make the connection and it test ok but I do now see any tables or views. How do I get to the tables and views?
    Richard Stafford
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  • Automator notification for process not run

    Is there a way to have Automator notify me when a process has not run by a certain time of day?  The process is currently a monitored process.   Janet Grimsley
    Janet Grimsley
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  • After Automator Upgrade I received error -- Could not load file or Assambly 'Newtonsoft.Json,version ='

      Please help me if you ever face such type issue.
    Avinash Singh
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  • Monarch 10.5

    I have seen the continual back and forth about Monarch 10.5 but I have just one direct question?   I have purchased 10.0 and then upgraded to 10.5. Unfortunately, the computer on which I did that is bathing in m...
    Andy Silman
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  • How to add *  in a date field-before and after the date?

    I would like to be able to take a date field and add an * before and after it and I need some assistance.  I would like the date to display like:   *02-28-18*.   I have tried everything I can thin...
    Brian Stimpson
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  • Unable to Connect the Database shows error SQLNCLI error

    HI,   I am using monarch automator version 14.1, in that when i connect the output to my Database, it throws an error SQLNCI10/11 is not registered on your system, could someone give the solution if possible? &n...
    Syed Ibrahim
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  • Function for Input file size

    I'd like to have the file size available in my summary for each input source.  Hoping someone can tell me I've missed how to do it or have a cheaty way to do it?     Version 14
    Tiffany Seeland
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  • Monarch v14 open report and model but don't export with command line

    I need to use Monarch v14 with the command line utility to open a report and a model without exporting; just stay open. If I use the command line to start Monarch, open a report and model without specifying any other...
    Tom Townsend
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  • How to Upgrade datawatch Automator, Is any Document available?

    How to Upgrade datawatch Automator, Is any Document available?
    Avinash Singh
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  • Data Prep Studio - Access Queries not displaying in full

    I have an Access Database with 75k rows.  I have a query that should display 32k rows.  In DPS, it only displays 6402 rows (all queries are displaying approx this number).   Is this a known issue? ...
    Helmet ;
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  • Global script in Visual Processes

    I am trying to call a function defined in "Global Declarations" under "Standard Processes" > "Scripts" from a script element of my Visual Process. I get an error saying that the function is not declared or it may b...
    Sarith Makam
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