• Trimming trailing spaces and Text instead of General in Excel?

    I have Monarch and Automator     How can I get Monarch to NOT trim trailing spaces from a field?  I have the Options>Input>Text Files - "Trim leading and trailing spaces ...
    Bob Phoenix
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  • Past Few Days Data

    I'm trying to automate a report, but am getting tripped up by the need to select the past few days data.  I've been manually changing the selection criteria each time, but that won't work with automation.   ...
    Stacy Litke
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  • Trying to add a column of data that is not in line with the rest of my data...anyone know how?

    I have a report where one column of data is not in the same format as the rest of the data.  There are two lines (typically) one for the Invoice total and one for the location total.  We pick up location tot...
    Sissy_0209 _
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  • Batch script required for v10.5 (to convert and transfer .csv files)

    Someone's recently asked me to come up with an automated solution which basically looks at .csv files saved daily to a given folder and have these routinely exported out as either .xls or .xlsx formatted files to anot...
    AlexM _
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  • Prefilling Line with Data below (not from previous line)

    Hello:   I am using Monarch Classic 13.  I'm a bit of a novice with Monarch, so I apologize if this is obvious for the gurus out there.    I have a report (see below) where the member name is miss...
    Bill Haynes
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  • Quiestion on formula for IF and And functions

    I am a new user of Monarch.  Is there a way create this excel formula "=IF(AND($G2>$AL$1|$AJ2="")|$AL$1-$R2|IF(AND($G2<$AL$1|$AJ2="")|$AL$1-$G2|IF($AJ2=""|$AL$1-$R2|0)))"  in Monarch?   Thank...
    Rene Tan
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  • Upgraded to Monarch Classic 15, now unable to export to Access

    Recently upgraded Classic to v15. Have a regular process where I export a dataset to a access database, nonissue when using v14. This now fails when run via v15 with no helpful information as to why?   Any idea'...
    vanessalowther _
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  • 835 Remittance File .cx

    Hello,   I have a 835 remittance file that needs to be cleaned. The file comes in at .cx and contants one long string of characters like such. I'm tyring to use the Monarch Utility to create page breaks but I'...
    Catrina Pratt
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  • Automating a model of a workspace

    I'm still trying to advance my knowledge and experience within the monarch suite, and I cannot seem to figure out how to create a model within a workspace in DPS that will automatically apply to new reports without in...
    David Rubin
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  • 15.2 upgrade Loving it so far

    I just upgraded from 14 to Monarch 15.2 and so far I like the improvements I have seen. Thank you for fixing the Copy/Paste that keeps my Monarch Formatting when pasting to Excel. It will save me so much time not ha...
    hellback _
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  • When using DataWatch API, the GetStatus() method does not give correct status

    I used the DataWatch API to call the DataWatch process from a .NET program. I could call the correct process but I could not get the correct status from after the process is called.  I think it's because the GetS...
    Chung Lee
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  • Creation of Unique File Exports with Automator - shared success

    In the process of creating new automated processes, I reviewed numerous postings on this board regarding the creation of unique file names.  While there are some simple solutions, none fit my need.  I though...
    Brian Johnson
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  • Access Error Message on Export - Office 365

    Has anyone else had problems exporting tables to Access after upgrading to Office 365? I'm getting a "Microsoft.ace.oledb.12.0 provider is not registered on the local machine" error message. Our IT department has look...
    Amy Grube
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  • Reporting on PeopleSoft 8.8 Database

    Has anyone tried to connect to and report on an old 8.8 version of PeopleSoft? Is this possible? We have our legacy system in this format and would like to write adhoc reports when inquiries come up.
    Paul Dziedzic
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  • Transforming Multiple Reports Using One Workspace

    Each report that is being dropped into the workspace has four records of data which must remain grouped.   Our result looks like the following: What I would like is to be able to drop multiple reports into th...
    Chris Davey
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  • Moarch's Report output is null

    Hi,   I use Monarch 15 samples to do the report export. With command,   "C:\Program Files\Datawatch Monarch 15\Monarch.exe"  /rpt:"C:\Users\Public\Documents\Datawatch Monarch\Reports\Composers.rpt" /m...
    David Dong
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  • Salesforce Connectivity Issues - API?

    Hello!   I am currently having issues viewing any Salesforce data or reports via Monarch. I successfully log into Salesforce via the API, but all I see is a blank list of reports and I cannot continue to the nex...
    Nathan Och
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  • Lining Up Trapped Data from Joined Templates

    Hello,   I am new to using Monarch (I have v15) and I am currently having an issues aligning two templates I am joining. The following is the layout that my report starts as before trapping: The following i...
    Chris Davey
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  • Monarch Pro 15 stopped connecting to SQL server via ODBC connector

    Ran process where data is pulled from connection via ODBC to SQL server. Ran 4 weeks ago with no issues. Password has not been changed in this time, and still works when connection is tested - see screenshot Has so...
    vanessalowther _
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  • v14 database error: the OleDbType property is uninitialized

    I am using v14 and test database connection within Project setup.  However when the job is run I go the following error:   Failed: Parameter[0]: the OleDbType property is uninitialized: OleDbType.Empty.Data...
    Chung Lee
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