• Footer not attached to detail data from previous page

    Hello everyone,   I am having an issue with attaching Footer information to the Detail dataset from a previous page. This is how the data is structured.   Previous Page Client name [Header] Transaction d...
    Matthew Lee
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  • Automate using batch files in DataWatch Monarch 14 in a stand alone desktop

    Hi DataWatch  community,     I am trying to have a batch file that will help me automate all the prj files in my stand alone desktop.  When I run the batch file, it opens the Monarch 14 and j...
    Anu Moorthy
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  • Zero Values exporting to CSV

    I am using Monarch 13.5 and bringing in a txt file and exporting as a csv file.  I have a field that contains zero values.  I need the field to show as a blank in the exported csv file, if it is a zero value...
    Janet Grimsley
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  • Filtering with multiple variables

    I am trying to find certain ID's in a table. The table has a column named User ID. I want to find multiple differnt ID's I am having trouble making my filter work. This is what I have most recently tried.   Ins...
    Vaughn Mitchell
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  • Command Line Processing .bat file works in Monarch Pro but not Monarch 14

    I have a .bat file that pulls in a RPT and applies a Model (xmod) and exports the data to a .csv file.  It works perfectly in Monarch Pro but since upgrading to Monarch 14, the export is not working. I do have th...
    Lisa Carter
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  • To extract multiple lines from a text document

    Hi datawatch community members,      I need to just extract a block of data from a text file and save it into a separate text file.  Is this possible using Monarch?   Thank you, Anu
    Anu Moorthy
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  • Unable to connect to the Monarch internal database

    Hello all   Long time user of v10.5, just made the jump to v14.  We've only got it installed on a couple of machines so far but one (mine) is having a problem when trying to switch to Classic Mode.  I'...
    Andy Coles
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  • How skip a blank ligne in a detail mask?

    Hi all,   I need to capture a block of data separated into differents fields but since Septembre a blank line appears in my reports. Is there an option to exclude blank lines in a detail mask ?   Below an...
    Sylvain Goulet
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  • upgrading from Modeler, yes finally

    We recently renewed our maintenance and were sent links for server 14.1 , standalone server and the appropriate license files. However I also have some developers in my team currently on Modeler v12.x that I'd like to...
    Bruce McHendry
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  • V7 exports to Excel have stopped working

    Hi,   this morning our v7 exports all started failing. Has anyone else had any problems with v7 today or recently?
    Gary Morris
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  • Monarch 10.5 cannot open Excel 2007 (xlsx)?

    Any reason why Monarch 10.5 will not open an xlsx file as a datasource?   I even went so far as following the help file steps and I still get the error: ---- Monarch Pro - Cannot open external database D:\Ma...
    Nick Osdale-Popa
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  • Monarch V13.5 External Links Misbehaving

    So, our 13.4 was already updated to 13.5...and an external link is not populating.  When I pull it up in the preview, it works, but in the table it doesn't.  What am I missing??     This e.l. ...
    Tiffany Seeland
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  • Help for Summary filtering on 2 calculated summary fields?

    I am hoping I have missed how to filter a summary based on its measurements.  I haven't found something that addresses my issues in the forum yet, but perhaps I missed it.   I am currently exporting the ent...
    Tiffany Seeland
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  • Print report

    Hello all, We were on Version 8 for ever. Now V 14   All I want to do right now it to print a complete page, as all my models from V8 work as expected. No matter what settings I seem to choose a part of the re...
    Alan Cohen
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  • Jet Database Error 3275

    We are using Monarch version 8 and the program has been working fine.  Went to use it to export to a dbf file and received error (Jet database internel error: 3275  Unexpected error from external database dr...
    gordonmj _
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  • Brand new to this and boy do I have questions

    I am looking to extract information from "investment type" pdf statements  These will look similar to statement you may receive from any of the large brokerage firms out there.  Each statement has data that ...
    Esdras Vera
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  • Exporting files thru .bat file

    Hi:     I am writing a bat file that runs a txt file thru a model and then exports to a database. Syntax as follows:   cd "C:\Program Files\Monarch\program" Monarch.exe "C:\Test\$$PXHCR4.PRN" "C:\Te...
    Paola Benitez
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  • Converting PDF with check boxes

    When converting a PDF with check boxes the check boxes get rendered as double quotes. The issue with that is that I eventually export the data out as delimited and the quotes are messing things up. Is there a way to h...
    DD _
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  • RAS 3.7

    Hello All,   I am using an older version of RAS 3.7 PRO paired with Monarch.   The reports i need are all in RAS and I can see/find files matching the report numbers with a .cmp file extension, out on the ...
    Jim McDowell
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  • Does anyone no if Monarch version 9.0 works with Windows 10?

    We are in the process of migrating to Windows 10 Enterprise and I am having issues with Monarch Version 9.0. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue? Also, I was wondering if this version works with WIndows 10?
    Darrell Florey
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