• New user needing help :)

    Hey Everyone,   I apologize for this question but am just finishing up the training and starting to build.  I have successfully connected to my sql server and now I need to create a report where I would nee...
    Nichole Rink
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  • Unable to Connect the Database shows error SQLNCLI error

    HI,   I am using monarch automator version 14.1, in that when i connect the output to my Database, it throws an error SQLNCI10/11 is not registered on your system, could someone give the solution if possible? &n...
    Syed Ibrahim
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  • External Lookup from MS Excel

    Hello everyone,   This is a post meant to help people who need to perform an External Lookup in Monarch from an Excel File which has data listed as Numbers with Decimals. I am using Monarch v14.1 Monarch will ...
    Radu Nita
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  • Jet database error (3275)

    Using version 9.01 Monarch.    All of a sudden the exports of tables to .dbf files won't work.  The error message is 'Jet database error: (3275).  Unexpected error from external database driver...
    FCallan _
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  • Trapping a report with headers on the side

    This is my first time creating a monarch for a report that doesn't have the field headers going across the top of the page.  I am on Monarch version 13.   The report looks like this:   I am trying t...
    Melissa Falardeau
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  • how to use Monarch extract data

    Does anyone know our problem when using Monarch Pro. we were extracting data on a report file which was "PRN" format. We defined templates of "Page header + detail + Apend" on report view to let Monarch know what data...
    Jasmine xu
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  • Add model author and description

    Hi Everyone,   I'm using Monarch version 14 and would like to know how to edit the Model author and description fields found on the HOME tab. I'd also like to add comments to templates and fields. I cannot figur...
    Suzanne Savage
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  • Reference to Monarch Com not found in visual studio 17

    I recently upgraded my PC (64bit Win 7 Enterprise) with Visual Studio Professional 2017.  I have Monarch V13 64bit with the programming license.  When I write a program in vb.net and attempt to add reference...
    mhumphri _
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  • Interaction Between Data Prep and Classic Mode

    I'm coming from 10.5 to 14.3 so I may be stuck in my ways and I need a bit of help with understanding some of the changes!   The way we've used 10.5 is that I make the models and others use them on a series ...
    Andy Coles
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  • Function "Code_XL" does not exist

    I'm trying to make a bunch of filters that look at the first letter of a surname.   In 10.5 the following worked:   Code_XL([Last Name])>64 .And. Code_XL([Last Name])<68   If I try the sa...
    Andy Coles
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  • Zero Values exporting to CSV

    I am using Monarch 13.5 and bringing in a txt file and exporting as a csv file.  I have a field that contains zero values.  I need the field to show as a blank in the exported csv file, if it is a zero value...
    Janet Grimsley
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  • Monarch pro v11 - is Monarch complete the equivilant product?

    Need to upgrade Monarch Pro v11 as getting new PC an cannot transfer software   Is Monarch Complete the equivalent product? What does a 1 year subscription mean exactly?   Appreciate a heads up on this, ...
    vanessalowther _
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  • Export only a total line from a summary

    Hello,   I am currently using version 13.4.16367 of Monarch.  I am trying to export only a the Total line from a Summary.  Is this something I can do?  I have tried hiding the Keys and made sure t...
    Melissa Falardeau
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  • Reading/Writing Excel (and Other) files directly from Google Drive??

    Hello All   I am a Monarch 14 user.  Does anyone know if it is possible to directly read & write to Excel (or Other) files stored on Google Drive using Monarch Models and Projects.   Thanks, Al Rice
    Al Rice
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  • Firing external power shell script when alert is triggered with some parameters as arguements

    Hi Team,   In Data Pump, when an Alert is trigger, I heard that there are only three actions available: Email, RSS, and Log. In our client requirement  we need to fire a external PowerShell script with some...
    Siva Mullapudi
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  • Export failing and deleting access database

    I have a job that will export a report to a .MDB I was training a new user on how to run specific reports. When they clicked "Run exports" we received an error in the export results "CreateDataSource Failed"   ...
    Joseph Curtis
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  • monarch crashing on excel import

    Hello all, I'm working in version  when I go to import an excel file, I select the file, then the table then go to pull the table in (import and tried import and define) and monarch crashes.  any...
    Paul Carson
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  • Monarch to get Sharepoint data

    Hi   I am new to Monarch and have been asked to figure out if Moarch can be used as a tool to fetch selected data from Sharepoint.   I found an earlier post from 2014, but it seems to me like a difficult w...
    Dan Jakobsen
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  • Adding 1 month to a date field

    Hello!   I have a date field that I am trying to create a formula that will add 1 month to the date.  The date is in the following format: mm/dd/yyyy.  I am struggling with creating a formula that adds...
    Melissa Falardeau
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  • Footer not attached to detail data from previous page

    Hello everyone,   I am having an issue with attaching Footer information to the Detail dataset from a previous page. This is how the data is structured.   Previous Page Client name [Header] Transaction d...
    Matthew Lee
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