• Just Upgraded to V15

    So I just updated my Monarch Complete from V14.3 to V15, and while I do appreciate the more trap interactive tools in the newest edition, the one feature from prior DPS versions I miss is the ability to start identify...
    David Rubin
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  • Rounding Time Values

    Hi everyone,   Anyone had any luck in creating a formula field that rounds a time value (say, to the nearest half hour?)  I feel like I've tried everything under the sun short of a regular expression and ca...
    Raymond Glass
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  • verifying existing activation code

    Hi, Several people on my team are using v14 Monarch to create models for report mining. We have a list of activation codes. I want to reconcile that list against each developers PC. Is there an easy way to have each ...
    Bruce McHendry
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  • Extract Pdf Data to Database

    Hi Team,   Could some one please help my problem, i created a process in Monarch Automator to extract data from PDF and export to Database, some of the numeric column values of PDF are exported to Database as sc...
    Syed Ibrahim
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  • Monarch - Import excel sheet with MANY tabs

    Hello!   I have an excel sheet that has 99 tabs.  Each Tab is similar in its set up just different Data.  Is there anyway I can input all the tabs into a Monarch without having to set up each one by on...
    Melissa Falardeau
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  • Can Automator have variable e-mail contacts based on a key

    I am hoping to distribute files to clients that have detail within my project, but allow the e-mail distribution list to be variable.  I have a client data file to which I'm using an external Lookup to attach cli...
    Brian Johnson
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  • Append vs. Join?

    Hi Datawatchers -   I'm fairly new to Monarch and the DPS, but so far I'm really enjoying it. That said, can anyone explain (in as simple terms as possible) the difference between creating an append versus a jo...
    Chris Davey
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  • Dynamic merge all columns?

    Hi,   I am looking for a way to dynamically merge all columns after the first column. I have a table that will have a different number of columns based on the file selected in the file path, and I need columns 2...
    Chase Ramsey
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  • Creating a Monarch Classic Model for Excel Files for Use in Data Prep Studio

    Hi,   Is there any way to create a model in Monarch Classic using source data from an Excel Work Sheet to run as a model in Data Prep Studio? I have tried this several times using a simple model, and it the past...
    James U
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  • Using IF to determine which sum to use

    Hi,   I'm trying to use an if statement as I would in Excel, but not getting anywhere. This is my formula. They are all numeric fields.     IF(([Total Amount]*[Exchange Rate])=0,[Total Amount],[Total ...
    Natalie Mahoney
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  • Filter to include rows based on content of rows above and below?

    Hi everyone,   I am a new Monarch user and have a feeling this question may be incredibly obvious, so I apologize in advance if it is.   I am using Monarch to search for a list of keywords within a PDF do...
    Chase Ramsey
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  • Index was outside the bounds of the array V14.3.1

    When adding an excel spreadsheet to create a workspace the above error occurs, has anyone else experienced this and does the new version fix it by chance?
    Kasey Furness
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  • Monarch 12 Suddenly Doesn't Load

    Did Monarch 12 just stop working?
    Jason Chi
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  • PDF with columns

    Hello,   I'm trying to convert this .pdf file into Excel. I'm trying to create 2 columns. 1. Page 1 starting with "Facility" as the Field Column 2. Page 1 starting with "Facility/Provider 10 Character NPI Numb...
    Catrina Pratt
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  • The best workaround for PDF reports import in Monarch

    Hello everyone,   As I have trouble when importing PDF reports in Monarch (data is distributed totally different from the way it is distributed in the actual PDF, thanks(not) to the software which created that ...
    Radu Nita
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  • 835 Remittance File .cx

    Hello,   I have a 835 remittance file that needs to be cleaned. The file comes in at .cx and contants one long string of characters like such. I'm tyring to use the Monarch Utility to create page breaks but I'...
    Catrina Pratt
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  • Error: Summary internal build error:

    I receive the following error in Monarch 13 when I include a date in a summary as a calendar month time interval and use CountSubtPct(*) as my measurement.  The summary is meant to shown a trend of percentages by...
    Raymond Glass
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  • Date Manipulation

    I have a number of different date types in a text file that I am building a model for.  The ones that are formatted YYYYMMDD I have been fine with getting those to format the way I want.  The one I am having...
    Todd Breckenridge
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  • How do I use the workspace created in the data prep studio to add more reports?

    I have been using the Monarch 9 version.  Now I have got it upgraded to 14.  I have created a workspace using the data prep studio. My data source is an excel file.  I have created 48 change list to wra...
    Anu Moorthy
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  • Table Design Mode - sort columns

    I am filling in at my old employer where I had many years experience with Monarch and am currently using V12.  I am in a Project with dozens of fields of all types and I'm trying to familiarize myself with the fi...
    Patti Lucas
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