• 835 Remittance File .cx

    Hello,   I have a 835 remittance file that needs to be cleaned. The file comes in at .cx and contants one long string of characters like such. I'm tyring to use the Monarch Utility to create page breaks but I'...
    Catrina Pratt
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  • Error: Summary internal build error:

    I receive the following error in Monarch 13 when I include a date in a summary as a calendar month time interval and use CountSubtPct(*) as my measurement.  The summary is meant to shown a trend of percentages by...
    Raymond Glass
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  • Monarch 12 Suddenly Doesn't Load

    Did Monarch 12 just stop working?
    Jason Chi
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  • Date Manipulation

    I have a number of different date types in a text file that I am building a model for.  The ones that are formatted YYYYMMDD I have been fine with getting those to format the way I want.  The one I am having...
    Todd Breckenridge
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  • How do I use the workspace created in the data prep studio to add more reports?

    I have been using the Monarch 9 version.  Now I have got it upgraded to 14.  I have created a workspace using the data prep studio. My data source is an excel file.  I have created 48 change list to wra...
    Anu Moorthy
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  • Table Design Mode - sort columns

    I am filling in at my old employer where I had many years experience with Monarch and am currently using V12.  I am in a Project with dozens of fields of all types and I'm trying to familiarize myself with the fi...
    Patti Lucas
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  • Need Help - Outputting filename with part of column value

    Hi Everyone,   I am a new Datawatch user and have been using Data Prep Studio version 14.2.   I have created a Workspace File which cleans up a file and outputs a summary table grouped by the column 'Group...
    Ricardo Cao
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  • Issues when copying & pasting to excel

    I have an issue when copying and pasting to excel that just arose in the newer versions.  When I have data in Monarch that contains an employees number, for example, that has leading zeros (0036).  In my Mon...
    Brian Stimpson
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  • If, Then, Null?

    Hello All,   I've been revitalizing the use of Monarch in the departments I work with and have recently run into an interesting problem.   We have several mainframe reports that have variable multi-line va...
    rwells7947 _
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  • Multi Line Field Help

    Let me preface this discussion by saying I am pretty new to the software.  I have reached full exhaustion of ideas when it comes to trying to create the model I am looking for on this report.  The detail fie...
    Raymond Glass
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  • imbedded carriage returns?

    I have a report that I have modeled and one of the fields is what looks like [] mark from the end of the record. I am assuming that is a carriage return as the field can change width.   how do I remove that from...
    brad onuch
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  • Are there any known problems with files from CutePDF Writer?

    Application: PScript5.dll Version 5.2.2 PDF Producer: GPL Ghostscript 8.15 PDF Version: 1.4 (Acrobat 5.x)   I'm using Monarch Complete v14.3.2.  All I get are widespread random characters. Tried all engin...
    Dirk Schulze
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  • Monarch 10.5 Silent Un-Install

    We need to silently uninstall Monarch Version 10.5 and I have tried multiple techniques and cannot get the process to just uninstall without asking any questions to the user. First produced an UNINSTALL.ISS file by is...
    Luis Vega
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  • Datawatch Inbox Issues

    When I go into my Datawatch inbox, there seems to be a viewing issue and parts of the left panel are covering parts of my messages.  I have adjusted all I can and still have a mess.  Anyone help me out? ...
    Brian Stimpson
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  • Index was outside the bounds of the array V14.3.1

    When adding an excel spreadsheet to create a workspace the above error occurs, has anyone else experienced this and does the new version fix it by chance?
    Kasey Furness
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  • Can you create a trap to exclude a specific work like you can a character

    I need to create a trap to exclude the word "Subtotals" as setting a NOT trap to exclude a specific letter is also excluding  a valid record
    Mike Tracey
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  • concatenate function does not work with a % field

    Have tried to create a text field that is formed of both fields and added text. One of the fields I need to include is a % number field. Which does not work as it is wrong field format   Have tried to convert t...
    vanessalowther _
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  • One report, custom form selector

    English Hello everyone, I got a problem on Datawatch V14.1.   This is the problem: (everything is in the same process, I will not have one process for each form) i got a file with data In the name of the fil...
    Gabriel Filippone
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  • Automator Visual Process - workspace file saved in DPS containing original input filename

    I am having a dilemma when I set up a visual process in the Datawatch Automator 14.3, whereby, a workspace file that I saved in the Data Prep Studio, carries over the input file name that I used for data prepping and ...
    Henry Figueroa
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  • Div/0 error in summary

    Hello!   We have a measure in a summary where the formula for one record is 0/0 which is leaving the field blank.  We then export this file to upload into another program and it's creating an error because ...
    LeeAnn Gill
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