• Access Error Message on Export - Office 365

    Has anyone else had problems exporting tables to Access after upgrading to Office 365? I'm getting a "Microsoft.ace.oledb.12.0 provider is not registered on the local machine" error message. Our IT department has look...
    Amy Grube
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  • Reporting on PeopleSoft 8.8 Database

    Has anyone tried to connect to and report on an old 8.8 version of PeopleSoft? Is this possible? We have our legacy system in this format and would like to write adhoc reports when inquiries come up.
    Paul Dziedzic
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  • Transforming Multiple Reports Using One Workspace

    Each report that is being dropped into the workspace has four records of data which must remain grouped.   Our result looks like the following: What I would like is to be able to drop multiple reports into th...
    Chris Davey
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  • Moarch's Report output is null

    Hi,   I use Monarch 15 samples to do the report export. With command,   "C:\Program Files\Datawatch Monarch 15\Monarch.exe"  /rpt:"C:\Users\Public\Documents\Datawatch Monarch\Reports\Composers.rpt" /m...
    David Dong
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  • Salesforce Connectivity Issues - API?

    Hello!   I am currently having issues viewing any Salesforce data or reports via Monarch. I successfully log into Salesforce via the API, but all I see is a blank list of reports and I cannot continue to the nex...
    Nathan Och
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  • Lining Up Trapped Data from Joined Templates

    Hello,   I am new to using Monarch (I have v15) and I am currently having an issues aligning two templates I am joining. The following is the layout that my report starts as before trapping: The following i...
    Chris Davey
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  • Monarch Pro 15 stopped connecting to SQL server via ODBC connector

    Ran process where data is pulled from connection via ODBC to SQL server. Ran 4 weeks ago with no issues. Password has not been changed in this time, and still works when connection is tested - see screenshot Has so...
    vanessalowther _
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  • v14 database error: the OleDbType property is uninitialized

    I am using v14 and test database connection within Project setup.  However when the job is run I go the following error:   Failed: Parameter[0]: the OleDbType property is uninitialized: OleDbType.Empty.Data...
    Chung Lee
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  • RIP RalphB _

    I'm friends with Ralph on Facebook and have just read about his passing. I know he was more active on this forum than I am so I wanted to let the community here know about his passing. He was very helpful to me wi...
    Nick Osdale-Popa
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  • Pivot Table functionality

    I'm new to Monarch and I'm still trying to get my bearings. I've been able to use the tool and create reports and I used Monarch's transform-Pivot feature to create a basic Pivot table Summary for my reports.   ...
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  • Using Data Range with Floating Trap

    Hello All:   PDF files always confound me.  While my PDF report looks perfectly aligned, I am experiencing minor data shifts when I create a trap line.  My trap is using a ".", included in a column of ...
    Al Rice
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  • install Monarch 10.5 Pro network error

    We are having problems installing a network version of Monarch 10.5 Pro on a Windows 10 laptop. We are successful but when he tries to run Monarch he gets an error message the license is in use. I have verified that...
    RalphB _
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  • Automator add to Excel file overwrite tab issue - xlsm

    Is there anything special about an xlsm version of Excel that keeps the Automator from overwriting a tab?  The setup below has worked for me with an xlsx version, but with the macro enabled file version, instead ...
    Brian Johnson
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  • Summary Measure limit not working?

    I have a measure limit on my last key field to show only non zero records.  I can't get it to work.  Do I have it setup incorrectly?             Version  ...
    Tiffany Seeland
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  • Upgraded to Monarch Classic 15, now unable to export to Access

    Recently upgraded Classic to v15. Have a regular process where I export a dataset to a access database, nonissue when using v14. This now fails when run via v15 with no helpful information as to why?   Any idea'...
    vanessalowther _
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  • Operand Error

    When I try to past my formula into a different model I get the operand error.     Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?     Code:     IF(CodeType = "EDI" .and. Amount >0,Amou...
    Vaughn Mitchell
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  • Summary Hidden Key Issue

    Hi,   I have a summary with a Key field that I selected for it to be Hidden. In Monarch Classic on the summary window it does not show but when exported to XLSX the column is there it is just a hidden column ins...
    last modified by pleen
  • How to Model Flat Invoice Records in Excel File

    Hello All:   I have a situation that is a first for me.  I downloaded an Invoice file as Excel File, and each invoice is showing as one row, with the billing line items (SKU#, Qty, Unit Price, Line Total) i...
    Al Rice
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  • Trap Successful but No Value

    So I have an odd thing happening that I cannot seem to resolve: I have Monarch 15.0, and when I create traps for a set of invoices that are uploaded in a PDF format, I see my all of my trap types are successful. ...
    David Rubin
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  • Monarch Complete/Data Prep 15 footer/append limitations

    I have a report that is really stumping me as to how to efficiently parse the data.  My intention is grab the "Registrant Customer Identifier" as my detail trap and create footers and appends to capture the remai...
    Janet Grimsley
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