• install Monarch 10.5 Pro network error

    We are having problems installing a network version of Monarch 10.5 Pro on a Windows 10 laptop. We are successful but when he tries to run Monarch he gets an error message the license is in use. I have verified that...
    RalphB _
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  • Automator add to Excel file overwrite tab issue - xlsm

    Is there anything special about an xlsm version of Excel that keeps the Automator from overwriting a tab?  The setup below has worked for me with an xlsx version, but with the macro enabled file version, instead ...
    Brian Johnson
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  • Summary Measure limit not working?

    I have a measure limit on my last key field to show only non zero records.  I can't get it to work.  Do I have it setup incorrectly?             Version  ...
    Tiffany Seeland
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  • Pivot Table functionality

    I'm new to Monarch and I'm still trying to get my bearings. I've been able to use the tool and create reports and I used Monarch's transform-Pivot feature to create a basic Pivot table Summary for my reports.   ...
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  • Upgraded to Monarch Classic 15, now unable to export to Access

    Recently upgraded Classic to v15. Have a regular process where I export a dataset to a access database, nonissue when using v14. This now fails when run via v15 with no helpful information as to why?   Any idea'...
    vanessalowther _
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  • Operand Error

    When I try to past my formula into a different model I get the operand error.     Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?     Code:     IF(CodeType = "EDI" .and. Amount >0,Amou...
    Vaughn Mitchell
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  • Summary Hidden Key Issue

    Hi,   I have a summary with a Key field that I selected for it to be Hidden. In Monarch Classic on the summary window it does not show but when exported to XLSX the column is there it is just a hidden column ins...
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  • How to Model Flat Invoice Records in Excel File

    Hello All:   I have a situation that is a first for me.  I downloaded an Invoice file as Excel File, and each invoice is showing as one row, with the billing line items (SKU#, Qty, Unit Price, Line Total) i...
    Al Rice
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  • Trap Successful but No Value

    So I have an odd thing happening that I cannot seem to resolve: I have Monarch 15.0, and when I create traps for a set of invoices that are uploaded in a PDF format, I see my all of my trap types are successful. ...
    David Rubin
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  • Monarch Complete/Data Prep 15 footer/append limitations

    I have a report that is really stumping me as to how to efficiently parse the data.  My intention is grab the "Registrant Customer Identifier" as my detail trap and create footers and appends to capture the remai...
    Janet Grimsley
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  • Filtering Based on another Filter

    I am using Monarch 11.9 Is it possible to use the output from one filter in another filter? I have a series of data similar to 1000 21 1 A 1000 22 1 A 1000 23 1 A 1000 90 1 A 1001 21 1 A 1001 22 1 A 1001 23 1...
    Philip Wall
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  • Summary Output Corrupts Excel File

    Hello,   I am using Monarch 11.9 and one of the models I am using outputs 3 different summaries. However when it outputs 1 of the summaries corrupts the formatting for the entire excel file. The model generates...
    Philip Wall
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  • Unable to paste into User Edit Field v14

    Hi All,   Hoping someone can help shed some light on no longer being able to copy data from the Table window in Monarch back into the Table window within Monarch.   Previously in v10 we were able to wit...
    Ellie H
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  • Anyone using Monarch to utilize information from an ECM system?

    Is anyone using Monarch to connect to and extract information from their ECM system? We are using OnBase but we do not want to limit ourselves to discussions with other Datawatch clients that have other types of ECM s...
    Deborah Lacasse
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  • Using the If statement/Aging

    I have a column of data for each invoice account ranging from 0 to 300.  How would I use a calculated formula to take my data field, AGE, and have a calculated column represent into categories.  For example,...
    henry garza
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  • Using Monarch to help streamline accruals process?

    Is anyone using Monarch to help streamline their accruals process?  Our Accounts Payables Department manager would be interested in connecting with another DataWatch client that has streamlined their process usin...
    Deborah Lacasse
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  • Capturing a Percentage with symbol

    Hi All, I am having an issue with trapping numbers that are in percentage format in my report but Monarch Classic does not recognize the symbol after the number to covert it properly to a percentage. The report look...
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  • Upgrading from 8 to 10? Any way to batch process projects with xml injection?

    Were currently migrating a lot of projects from one server to a newer one, during the process we've been manually opening each project in Monarch 10 and setting all the new default spaces then saving the project. I ...
    Devin Martin
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  • Just Upgraded to V15

    So I just updated my Monarch Complete from V14.3 to V15, and while I do appreciate the more trap interactive tools in the newest edition, the one feature from prior DPS versions I miss is the ability to start identify...
    David Rubin
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  • Rounding Time Values

    Hi everyone,   Anyone had any luck in creating a formula field that rounds a time value (say, to the nearest half hour?)  I feel like I've tried everything under the sun short of a regular expression and ca...
    Raymond Glass
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