• Auto adjusting fields as you add new reports

    I've built a model using RegExs to capture the fields I want, however this will be an ongoing effort, with updated reports, where certain fields will vary in length. An issue I've noticed is that some fields grow in l...
    Steven Jones
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  • Does anyone no if Monarch version 9.0 works with Windows 10?

    We are in the process of migrating to Windows 10 Enterprise and I am having issues with Monarch Version 9.0. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue? Also, I was wondering if this version works with WIndows 10?
    Darrell Florey
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  • Monarch 10 user upgrade to 11...

    I've used various versions of Monarch/Datawatch dating back to version 3 in 2005ish.  Recently required to upgrade from 10 to 11 due to XML4 no longer being supported.   I'm finding it difficult to incorpor...
    Mike Spitzack
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  • The best workaround for PDF reports import in Monarch

    Hello everyone,   As I have trouble when importing PDF reports in Monarch (data is distributed totally different from the way it is distributed in the actual PDF, thanks(not) to the software which created that ...
    Radu Nita
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  • Multiple traps on same Detail. Is it possible?

    Hi All,   I am using Datawatch Monarch 14 and was wondering if it is possible to set multiple traps on the same detail, located on different lines.   Example: I want to set the detail for a specific page A...
    Lauretiu-Stefan Mitran
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  • Filtering by First Value in a String?

    Hello,   I have a field that pulls contract numbers but we only need ones that start with a C or a V. I am trying to use a formula filter with the formula  LEFT([Field],1)="c" .or. "v" , but it is giving m...
    Kristine Birky
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  • How do I pull out an alpha prefix from an alpha-numeric chr field?

    I have a character field (client account number) that is made up of an alphabetic prefix followed by numbers. Since I need to leave the client account number intact, I trying to find how to create a calculated field t...
    Diane Miller
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  • Inserting a unique header row into an already parsed data in DPS to be exported for SQL as CSV

    Hello,   I would like to know the best approach as to how I may insert a header and trailer into parsed data to be imported into SQL.   I need to add the following items in the header (to be exported as a ...
    Henry Figueroa
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  • Folder for data vs a single file

    I would like to have my data prep studio workspace project pull from a folder with multiple files, rather than having to keep adding every file.   I would then add each months file to that folder.  ...
    Julie Sitzmann
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  • V13.5 models for automating

    Hi I am using Version 13.5 and had developed the models in classic monarch and now need to automate them. Do I need to be connected to the server for automation? Are there any other concerns or known pitfalls? &nb...
    Data Anon
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  • Combining if-statements (nesting)

    Is there a possibility of nesting if-statements whereby the criteria is the same but the data may vary? I prefer to segregate a full name string into parts of the full string and place them into individual respective ...
    Henry Figueroa
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  • Insert line break is discarding text after the break

    I'm using Monarch Pro 10.5 and have a 3.5 gb text file with 6300+ bytes per line.  I'm using Monarch Utility to insert a page break, placing it after byte 3497.  The result:  a smaller file with the dat...
    halholz _
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  • Complex trapping Monarch 14

    Hello everyone,   I am quite new with Monarch, but I already found the Rex feature and I am starting to enjoy this wonderful application, in full version already : )   I am confronting with this challeng...
    Radu Nita
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  • DataWatch Monarch Ver. 14.1 SCCM 2012 Silent Deployment help?

    Has anyone been successful or has a how-to guide on how to deploy DataWatch Monarch Ver. 14.1 through SCCM???
    Karen Woodwell
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  • Force Formatting in v14.2

    Hey everyone,   I was wondering if there is a way to force formatting, of any kind, when loading an Excel template?  I have some interest rates, for example, that go out three decimal places (0.000), but Mo...
    David Rubin
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  • Export of data to existing CSV file not lining up data to correct field names

    Am using Monarch 14 complete as a trial   Am exporting data which I want to append to an existing csv file.   The process literally just adds to bottom of file, doesn't append data to correct columns???? &...
    vanessalowther _
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  • PDF does not open when using command line

    when i use the command line to open a pdf it does not open but creates an error message.  when i open it via a project file it is ok.   any ideas?
    akindian _
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  • Database Password required for Excel file

    Hi guys. Just got Office 2016 package installed and now all my models with external excel lookup files prompt for a password although file is not password protected. Even Setting a Password in those Excel files won't ...
    Diego Josef Eyer
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  • How do I delete an External Lookup in Monarch Classic 14 when the Data Source no longer exists?

    When going to Table Design, Monarch presents the error message: "Fields in External Lookup ___ did not match schema." This is fine, and expected, because the Excel file referenced by that External Lookup no longer ex...
    Stephen Smay
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  • New to Monarch and having a Trapping issue

    I am having an issue with this report I can get the first line to trap.  But the second line (****) is only associated with the line above it.  I can get the second line to trap but it wants to repeat on all...
    Marie Anderson
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