• Open binary excel file

      Folks     I am attempting to load a large file 200K records  82Mb if in  xlsx, or  42Mb is in xlsb.  Can ayone tell me if  Panopticon can open the xlsb file type?  ...
    Ian Hughes
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  • auto adjust of the dashboard

    I have a dashbord which contains several visiualizations. At my office screen I fully see each visiualization without need to scroll down/ aside (no scrollers appear) When I open it in my laptop (smaller monitor) the...
    michal perry
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  • Send the dashboard by mail

    is it possible to send a mail containing the report on a timely basis to a group of people? is it possible to set conditions to the mail sending? (if some alert is raised then send the report by mail). thanks in advance.
    michal perry
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  • Demo Video for Datawatch ALERTs

    Hi, Can anyone share the video / Demo over datawatch  ALERTs functionailty?
    Rakesh Ojha
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  • When double-click on the chart , what happened?

    Hello,   I have an inquiry about specification of double-click on the chart. Please refer to a lower Figure 1.   Figure 1. Here is a Donut Chart. This graph shows the number of computers for each "Secti...
    Toshiki Kanazawa
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  • Display total in last row/column of an Heat Matrix

    Hello,   I have a heat matrix in my workbook, and I would like to add the total of each row/column in the last column/row. I don't find any option to do so. How can I do that?   Thank you
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  • html,json and database connectors are greyed out

    Hi ,   I have upgraded my Designer to latest version 13.7.1( Datawatch Panopticon Designer). But in the new data table connection , I am seeing lot of the sources are greyed out .  XML,JSON,HTML  etc a...
    Venkata Ramana Paidi
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  • choose the first (top) item in a drop down action

    Hi, I defined a drop down action which is populated with names from a database. It is a single selection drop down which should set a parameter named: 'product_name'. I didn't define a default value to this parameter...
    michal perry
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  • How to count(distinct) in a table ?

    Hello,   I try to calculate a count(distinct) in Datawatch, using a hierarchical breakdown in a table.   By example we have several client in different Regions. Some of the Clients belongs to different Reg...
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  • How to implement Portal SSO for datawatch sever - accessing datawatch workbook

    Hi,   I want to know how to implement Portal SSO authentication for datawatch workbooks. (Ref DatawatchDesigner_v13-3_Reference_Guide.pdf - page 565)   (1) We have Authentication tool on WL which authentic...
    Namrata Shah
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  • Change data source

    Hello, is the any possibility how can I change data source from Excel to ODBC?   I'm just working on PoC and currently I have all data in Excel, but now we want to continue with data from SQL database and I do...
    Martin Jelinek
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  • week of year time series data

    Hi, I am new to datawatch Designer, appriciate your support. the date column in the data that I want to visualize is in a week of year basis (for example: 112016 which means week 11 of year 2016). is it possible to...
    michal perry
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  • Passing filters values to parameters

      Hello,     In Datawatch Designer I have several Filter boxes (to be able to use the “Select All” feature) and I would need to use a unique “Apply Filters” button which s...
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  • Chinese langue in PDF file?

    Hi,   Do the Monarch v9 support to extract PDF file in chinese? What versions supports chinese?   Thanks.
    vuong phan thinh
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  • Query for MongoDb from Datawatch Designer

    Anybody here would like to share with me on how to query for Mongodb from designer? thanks.
    Fara Naz
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  • Set Class Size

    How can we use datawatch to define Class Size based on data? In example I have set of data that store number of expenses per peron on daily basis, so I would like to generate a table that group the expenses amount acc...
    Fara Naz
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  • Creating new dashboard in a workbook

    Working on my first project and I need several dashboards that show the same fields from different table sources.   Can I copy and paste a dashboard and change what table it uses?
    Barry Barnett
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  • Count of string occurences as a size on chart

    Hi,   I have connected the designer to an Excel file that contains records with a status column with values of PENDING, WON, CLOSED. When creating a visualization I would like to use the COUNT of each of them s...
    Mark Shields
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  • Problem python connection

    Hi all,   I read that there are python-scripts available on the web that are able to extract data from twitter. Now that I installed Python locally on my vmware-server I can't get Python connected to my Desktop ...
    Rick Curfs
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  • Select all in Action Dropdown list

    Hello,   I search a way to make a javascript code communicate with Datawatch checkboxes.   The "Select All" option exists for the Filters but not for the Action Dropdown list. More precisely I need to cre...
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