Hi Team,


we have a requirement as below, we need your help on solution front.



We have two Master tabs and one drilldown tab in our dashboard.

Our Data heirarchy is Legal Entity --> Cluster


Master Tab1: Data is aggregated at Legal Entity Level.

Master Tab2: Data is aggregated at Cluster Level.


from both the tabs we have a single drilldown by having different navigation action(Action 1, Action2) , and Legal Entity, Cluster as parameters in drilldown report.


from Master tab1 to drilldown tab -->parameter is Legal Entity

from Master tab2 to drilldown tab -->parameter is Cluster


Case1: When we navigate from tab1 to drilldown (using Action 1)  Legal Entity values(for example X) are being passed to drilldown report and Cluster will be set to * to show all cluster values with respect slelected Legal Entity (X). which is working fine.

Case2: But the issue raises when we navigate from Master Tab2 to drilldown.

when we navigate from Master Tab2 (using Action 2) parameters will be set as Legal Entity = Previous selected value from Tab1(i.e X), Cluster = Selected Cluster Value (Cluster Y) is passed.


But as per our requirement we need to show drilldown for the selected cluster (Cluster Y) across all Legal Entities. which is not happening.


Can you please suggest  how to reset the parameters to * everytime we navigate from any of the tabs.