Greetings DW Community!


I've recently been tasked with creating some dashboards for our company.  I have a few general questions that I am hoping to find some more info.


1.  Why does the "Do not aggregate" feature make my visualizations vanish? We want to display line graphs of data where summing or absolute value isn't an option.


2.  Is there a way to display a period of historical data (8-36 hours) when a new user signs in an opens a dashboard that is connected to a source that has been continuously streaming? (Either from StreamBase or StreamBase LiveView).


3. We tried a Union function for the above problem - to essentially union our SQL database with the stream, and it resulted in crashing of DW designer.  Guessing this was too memory or CPU or intensive.


4. When I do a timeseries transformation on our data, I get many blank rows for values that come are streamed from sensors.  The populated rows are outputs from Streambase based on sensor value combinations.  I'm not really sure why I even need to do a timeseries transformation because streaming data is always time based.  Does this make sense?  (Tried to upload an image but I do not have the option...)


Thanks for any help!