• Copy Multiple Files add Date Stamp

    I have the below.   Six input files to be copied to a folder that is a named export (ignore that it says email in the image.)     This is not a problem and works just fine.   What I would ...
    Craig Kortlandt
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  • Automator Process: Input file is PDF but the export to excel table fails.

    Hello Folks,   I'm trying to run a process in automator where the input file is a pdf, the monarch model was built in classic, and the export option is for the table in excel, but this is the error I get on the ...
    Baba Majekodunmi
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  • Auto-name exports based on unique field value

    I have a large file that contains ~600k rows with 1 field that is important for grouping.  This field has approx 280 unique values in it(ex values like "Texas 1", "Virginia 3", "Iowa 14").  I would like to h...
    Helmet ;
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  • Export to update one sheet of XLSX workbook

    I have a multiple sheet XLSX workbook within which I'd like to have the data in a particular sheet overwritten without disrupting the other sheets.   Is this possible?  Thanks-
    Craig Kortlandt
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  • Wildcards in Automater

    hello,   I have a process on Automater that runs about 10,000 PDF's, I have these PDF's organized in a folder that contains 272 folders with all pdf's titled a date. I.e.   FOLDER>ACCOUNT NAME>10-1-2...
    Steven Jones
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  • Monarch context

    Bonjour, Je recherche Monarch context pour la version 10.5 pro, quelqu'un peut-il m'aider? Merci d'avance Thierry
    Thierry Degenne
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  • How to get value from Log.ExpandMacros

    I'm trying to use Log.ExpandMacros method to get some values, assign them to a String, then output those values to a text file.  What is happening is that the value returned from Log.ExpandMacros is the same valu...
    Mark Heitland
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  • Summary macro without file extension

    New to Monarch and Automator...   In the Export Wizard is there a way to insert the Summary Name macro ([Summary]) without including the file extension?  I'm exporting with Delimited Text.   I need to...
    Mark Heitland
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  • Upgrade from Monarch Data Pump 10.5 - any tips?

    So it looks as though we are finally going to upgrade from Monarch Pro 10.5 and Monarch Data Pump 10.5 to the current versions of Monarch and Monarch Server/Automator. I suspect this will be a bit of a leap, and I'd l...
    Rebekah T
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  • Automator Timer Retry

    Hi,   I am using v14.0 of Automator and when I try to run the process below it should be running with all 3 input files but for some reason only runs the top one. When I remove the timers it runs properly but I ...
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  • Automator Dynamic Input File Path

    Attempting to run a daily process which looks for a file in a different place based on the day.   X:\1234\BACKUP\08_02_2017_00_43_28\StaticFileName   Up to the slash after "BACKUP" is static with the remai...
    Craig Kortlandt
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  • Automator Input Dynamic File Names

    I need to import the latest version of a file located in a named path folder.   Can anyone point me to a guide for what Automator can work with?   The format for my file names is as follows.   XXXXXX...
    Craig Kortlandt
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  • Automator Update Existing Rows and Append New feature

    I am running Automator 14.1   I have been trying to get clarification on how Automator performs the Update Existing Rows and Append New function into a database (SQL Server)   How does Automator know what ...
    Joseph Territo
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  • Automator Export Naming - Need Next months month number

    I have an automator export that I need to include a month in the naming of the xlsx export.  I currently have the export name as "Monthly PMI.&[mm].&[yy].xlsx"   So if it runs today the name would b...
    Melissa Falardeau
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  • Index was outside the bounds of the array.

    I was wondering if someone could help me with the root cause to the above error. The model is working fine locally...meaning I can import the data in Monarch and export with no issues. Once I bring the project and mod...
    Frank Walka
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  • Data Prep Filter issue

    Hi Everyone,   So I created a workspace in DataPrep and uploaded it to Automator for a daily export but when Automator runs it doesn't process the filters on the Change List and gives me data I do not want. Is t...
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  • No input files shown for workspace

    Uploaded a workspace that uses four input files, but under replace paths "no file dependencies found."  
    Craig Kortlandt
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  • Dynamically create export file names based on report data?

    This question was asked back in 2014 with a link to another forum, but the link doesn't work. So I will ask again:   "I'd like to use a model against different reports.  Each report has information on it th...
    Annette Greenberg
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  • Move input file after use

      I'd like process to run and then move the input file.  I'm able to set it to move the file, but it does so before running the input through the process.   The diagram above does not include my attem...
    Craig Kortlandt
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  • Table for scanned .pdf documents

    Hi Everybody,   I have recently downloaded Monarch and very new to the application.   I have some scanned purchase order invoices (.pdf documents ) which I would like to put in some kind of tabular format ...
    Tanvi Sonawane
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