• Excel file empty-no content

    I have a process that exports an Excel file (successfully for months).  Recently (and intermittently) the Excel export is empty on the first attempt to run the process.  When we rerun the process the Excel e...
    John Hargrove
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  • Automator e-mail duplication (70+ times)

    The process below created over 70 messages to tell me (and the IT managers...) that the job started.  How do I keep that from repeating? I brought in a standard process into the visual process section.  I ...
    Brian Johnson
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  • Automator and zip files

    Can Automator handle opening a zip file and moving the files inside the zip to another location?   Janet Grimsley
    Janet Grimsley
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  • Input Monitoring

    Hi, I am trying to set up an standard process using input monitoring The input file has the date in the name so I needed to use a macro for the date but it appears that monitoring doesn't work with macros, is that co...
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  • Skip export if no rows

    Hi, I am looking to skip an export if it has no rows. I know that you can verify a model to see if it has no rows but the options there are Continue, Stop, Stop without error and in Visual there is one more Continue ...
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  • Process and Schedule Report

    Hi Is there a report in Automator that can export a list of all processes, standard and visual, with the description and whether they are scheduled or ad hoc? We are trying to see when everything is scheduled to mak...
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  • Login directly to datawatch

    Hello,    It looks like you can connect directly to the client thru http://<server address>/RMSClient. From what we have seen, you can connect using the admin id and password only.     So f...
    Jimmy Chan-ying
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  • Email using address in column

    Hello, I'm looking for some help.   In the past I've used the burst function to email by key and then assigned an email address to each key and it worked fine.... This time I'm trying something different.  ...
    Frank Walka
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  • How to use a manifest for a visual process with Dataprep

    Does anyone have a sample Automator process / and xml manifest file they can share for using a manifest with a Visual Process to kick off a Dataprep export?    I've been looking at the API samples but I th...
    Thomas Stratton
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  • Automator notification for process not run

    Is there a way to have Automator notify me when a process has not run by a certain time of day?  The process is currently a monitored process.   Janet Grimsley
    Janet Grimsley
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  • After Automator Upgrade I received error -- Could not load file or Assambly 'Newtonsoft.Json,version ='

      Please help me if you ever face such type issue.
    Avinash Singh
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  • How to Upgrade datawatch Automator, Is any Document available?

    How to Upgrade datawatch Automator, Is any Document available?
    Avinash Singh
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  • Global script in Visual Processes

    I am trying to call a function defined in "Global Declarations" under "Standard Processes" > "Scripts" from a script element of my Visual Process. I get an error saying that the function is not declared or it may b...
    Sarith Makam
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  • How to get value from Log.ExpandMacros

    I'm trying to use Log.ExpandMacros method to get some values, assign them to a String, then output those values to a text file.  What is happening is that the value returned from Log.ExpandMacros is the same valu...
    Mark Heitland
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  • Auto-name exports based on unique field value

    I have a large file that contains ~600k rows with 1 field that is important for grouping.  This field has approx 280 unique values in it(ex values like "Texas 1", "Virginia 3", "Iowa 14").  I would like to h...
    Helmet ;
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  • Macro to adjust date on input file

    I am using the Monarch Server Automator version 14.1 to run a process.  This process uses a project that looks for an import file with naming that looks like this:   OTD.DRAFT.TAPE1801042204  the num...
    Melissa Falardeau
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  • Copy Multiple Files add Date Stamp

    I have the below.   Six input files to be copied to a folder that is a named export (ignore that it says email in the image.)     This is not a problem and works just fine.   What I would ...
    Craig Kortlandt
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  • Automator Process: Input file is PDF but the export to excel table fails.

    Hello Folks,   I'm trying to run a process in automator where the input file is a pdf, the monarch model was built in classic, and the export option is for the table in excel, but this is the error I get on the ...
    Baba Majekodunmi
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  • Export to update one sheet of XLSX workbook

    I have a multiple sheet XLSX workbook within which I'd like to have the data in a particular sheet overwritten without disrupting the other sheets.   Is this possible?  Thanks-
    Craig Kortlandt
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  • Wildcards in Automater

    hello,   I have a process on Automater that runs about 10,000 PDF's, I have these PDF's organized in a folder that contains 272 folders with all pdf's titled a date. I.e.   FOLDER>ACCOUNT NAME>10-1-2...
    Steven Jones
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