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Making #BigData manageable, valuable and actionable with advanced analytics!

By Rebecca Community Manager posted 01-09-2019 11:17 AM


The majority of innovative and large organizations are looking for ways to expand their advanced analytics capabilities to ensure that value can be derived from vast amounts of stored customer data. So how can companies achieve this with ease?

Businesses that rely on a large data set framework, like Hadoop, for distributed storage and processing, require advanced analytical infrastructures to reveal meaningful insights about their company and customers. The proliferation of advanced analytics tools in the market has amplified the complexity of identifying the right toolset for Big Data analytics thereby leaving companies to struggle with data access and data ingestion issues.

The speed at which analytics results are processed is often another challenge that arises with analytics platforms that are not equipped to handle large volumes of data. Choosing the right advanced analytics platform that integrates with your Big Data framework can be a daunting task, but one that is crucial when deploying advanced analytics across the enterprise.

Spark, a fast and general engine for large-scale data processing, seems to be that “right” solution. It is accessible to anyone with an understanding of databases and coding skills in Python or Scala and provides users with unprecedented speeds that accelerate results. In fact, it runs programs with speeds up to 100 times faster than other technologies on the market and is extremely user friendly.

Additionally, Spark is glue that enables other advanced analytic applications to tap into the Big Data lakes by moving the software into the data. This eliminates data movement allowing users to stay within their big data environments.

At Angoss we’ve been working with our customer’s to help them harnesses the power of big data and easily convert it into valuable insights that can help reduce risk, increase productivity, improve customer experience, and identify new business opportunities in a flash. Our product evolution has resulted in combining our advanced analytics software with Spark framework to provides businesses with unprecedented analytics and data processing capabilities that overcome challenges in big data access and insights discovery. Click here to find out more about what Angoss is doing to make your Big Data more manageable, accessible, and valuable.